Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Remember us?

In case you forget what we look like...not the best picture of me (pale and tired), but it's good of Ry and Brittany (sis-in-law)... This was taken last Friday at China King Buffet... :) Use it to scare away the mice... :)

Long time...nothing to report! :)

I haven't written in a really long I figured that I should probably write something so no one thinks I've fallen off the edge of the earth...
We only have 6 more days of school...and trust me when I tell you I'm counting down the hours. I really have NO reason to kids are really a tremendous blessing...and I know that I will miss them terribly. However, I'm just so tired and worn out that I will enjoy waving to the big yellow buses on June 6th as they pull away. :) We had a field trip today that involved a lot of walking...I think my poor legs are just plain old exhausted... Early to bed tonight!
I'm still pregnant, I think... My last appointment (2+ weeks ago) was not eventful... We barely heard a heartbeat (the doctor struggles to find it each time...but we heard the heartbeat in the placenta area, I guess, he said... My thinking is that it must be like finding a needle in a haystack?)... I had to have a joyous exam (sigh) b/c of higher white blood cell counts in my urine...but he didn't find anything. I guess we'll see how the levels are when I go back on 6/10.
I lost another pound...the nurse made me think I was going to be sternly spoken with about that...but as it turns out, he wasn't concerned. I still have no interest in food...I eat to keep myself going...but it's a serious chore. For example, tonight I could barely eat a baked potato and some macaroni and cheese... I guess this pregnancy "diet" is just what I needed...maybe I won't be so fat when the kid comes out... :)
I can still wear all of my clothes...and I'm approaching 20 weeks... I know that I'm really blessed...of course, it helps that my fat belly was already fat before the whole baby thing came along... :) I have a feeling we'll be making a trip to Motherhood Maternity soon, however...I don't think I can live in dressy pants for the summer... :)
For the next appointment, we'll be having the last ultrasound... It's the big "do you want to know what you're having" ultrasound... I still don't want to know, but Ryan and every other person we know wants us to find out. My opinion is that there are few surprises in life...and the gender of a baby, at least for the first birth, should be one of those incredible surprises. People are bribing me, telling me it will be so much easier to know... I still feel like I don't want to know... Ryan told me, however, that he knows I'll be able to tell what it is during the ultrasound...I have that weird medical mind (wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember) that can tell these things... Of course, it will probably be more obvious than my medical knowledge... :)
We're not teaching summer school this year... I'm eager to enjoy the lazy days of summer...which won't be so lazy... We have a basement to clean/organize and a baby's room to prepare... I'm sure we'll be shopping for furniture for the baby's room...and taking birthing classes... We'll be traveling some in June... First, we'll head to Albany, NY to cheer on my sister-in-law at her high school graduation... We'll stop in PA to stay with my parents going and coming back... Then, in late June, we're going to Illinois to spend some time with my Grandma... As I mentioned in my first blog, she had a stroke in mid-February...and well, she's an incredible woman... She's now at home and has recovered amazingly... While she said she still struggles for words at times (they're in her brain but she has to "find them"), she has done wonderfully. She enjoys the flowers outside and listens to the birds... My mom and dad will be going to Illinois at the same we'll all be out there together, which will be pretty awesome. I can't think of a better way to honor the two most influencial women in my life... Both of them are just so incredible... These last several months have made me feel so honored and blessed by their strength... :)
So, I will try to blog in the coming weeks...after our next appointment. I love to read what a friend of mine writes about her cool kid stories... I don't have much to share at this point, but at least you all know what's going on! :)
In the meantime, I'll go and finish my "slurpee" from this afternoon...that's really the only "craving" I have... Lord help this child when it comes out hooked to the pure sugar frozen drink... :)
Lots of love to all of you... :)