Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the beauty of spring :)

we got spoiled by some beautiful weather about a week ago... (forget about the snow they're calling for tonight...or the snow that covered our ground on Sunday morning :)) my sweet K loves her time outside...there's NOTHING that makes her happier (well, maybe M&Ms do :))... K is super curious about anything outside... and one of the things i LOVE about her is her willingness to play and get dirty... :) this spring, i have enjoyed watching her look at and love flowers...and smelling them... :) she smells every flower she can find... :) flowers are pretty to look at, but they're perfect for picking, too :)

K smelling her yellow crocus :) pickin' another one :)
playin' with rocks :)
shubble in one hand, water in another :) a little gardner in training :)
pickin' another flower :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


in the last several months, Katherine has been very aware of friendship. she identifies Thomas as her friend in so many situations...but she will only call him a friend when something affectionate happens - like a hug or a kiss on the cheek... she also sees characters on TV shows or in books as friends... two shows that she catches from time to time, Little Bear and Franklin, are great at promoting friendship...there are always activities with "friends" going on... "friends" transferred into regular old life, too... we have a bag of bath toys...and some of her favorites to play with are little green frogs from the dollar area at Target. we always have two frogs in the bath each night... back in January, K would be adament about her frogs being with her at various times in the bath routine... (like when she stands to have her booooooty washed :)) if she does not have the frogs, there is a price to be paid (whine central).... one night, i noticed that this is what she would do with her frogs when booty washing time surfaced... she'd sit them on the soap ledge, facing each other, kissing, and proudly announce, "friends..." and then go back to playing in the tub... :) i just wanted to remember her innocence and wonderful perspective forever... :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

happy 1 month, Hannah :)

*a little late in posting this...*

it's hard to believe that it's been 6 weeks since my sweet Hannah came into the world to greet us! :) we had her 1 month check up two Fridays ago...and i'm just now getting to posting a picture and info! :)

Hannah weighed in at 8 lbs. 14 ounces and was 21.5 inches long. :) her head was 37.5cm in diameter... :)

she did beautifully at the appointment and only cried for her one hep B shot... it will be the 2 month check up that will be rough... 4 shots and one oral immunization... i'm already NOT looking forward to that... :-\

Hannah is a good sleeper at night...she will go for 5-7 hours, usually... :) she wakes once during the night to eat and will go off to sleep again pretty easily. :) (as does Momma!)

She's starting to smile and "talk" to you when you talk with her. :) she does the cutest little thing - when she's trying to talk, she'll point out her top lip a bit... i call it her beak... :) it makes me giggle every time... :)

H is a good nurser, most of the time...she seems to be doing well in that department... :) She loves the swing and the bouncie chair for a time...

She does NOT like to be left alone in a room for more than a few minutes...and this is true, also, during her naps in the daytime... it can make for some very short naps! she's still not oblivious to her loud sister when she wants to sleep, though...but i'm not sure many could ignore the racket! :)

Hannah is a joy...and i cherish every moment... :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

what i'm learning...

well, i haven't posted on this topic for almost 2 weeks (or maybe over 2 weeks)....but that doesn't mean that i'm not still taking notes... :) hehe :) ~i learned that it's OK to use paper plates on nights when you know that it's a double bath night...having minimal dishes to do is divine :) ~i've learned there is nothing more beautiful that seeing my Katherine smile as she's swinging, hair blowing, with a huge smile on her face... ~i learned that it's never safe to put away winter items when it's in the 70s and 80s...snow in a forecast and below normal temperatures never fail to show their face once you have things packed away and the drawers mostly filled with t-shirts and warmer weather clothes! ~i've learned that, sadly, Cardinals don't respond to shouts of "HEY, RED BIRD" from a 2 year old at lunchtime when they're at the birdfeeder ~i'm learning that simple dinners on busy nights can be the yummiest thing to fill your belly! :) ~i'm learning that the timing of explosive poops is never perfect... 4 AM is my favorite time to have to completely change a very messy newborn, while trying not to wake my husband, who has to be up for work in 2 hours... ~i'm learning that there is something magical about a big sister playing "tickle tickle" with her little sister, who is staring bright eyed at her loving big sister... ~i'm learning that there are really no holds barred for an almost 2 1/2 year old who is in dire need of attention.... ~i'm learning that i really wish my parents lived closer ~i'm learning that it's pretty wrong for me to want "me" time when the kids are up... "noo puter...noo puter," spoken in a tiny voice, speaks louder than any voice i've heard in a long time.... *guilt* ~i've learned that a 5 minute shower is better than none! :) ~i've learned that it's OK to stay in bed a little longer on the weekends while my husband tends to his sweet firstborn... he can make french toast, too... :) ~i learned that we can all get up early on a Sunday and make it to church almost on time (had to do a little wrestling with a sleepy toddler who did not want tights or a dress on today!) ~i learned that i love a certain little girl's sleepy voice when she woke up to see snow on the ground on Sunday... "ohhh, yuuuk....snow... *sniffffff* it 'mell good....yuuk, it's nice and fuzzy..." ~i learned that looking out the window to see the beautiful flowering trees against a blue sky can really fill a soul... i'm blessed... :)

Monday, March 14, 2011


one of the many things i struggle with is getting things done... i've mentioned it before, though, so that's not anything new... what's interesting is that i've really never been a good "get it done" sort of person... it's probably because i put too much on my plate, and i set myself up for failure without really meaning to do so... likewise, when i make "to do" lists, i never put everything that i need to do on the list... for example, you'll never see things like vacuum, laundry, dishes, mopping, walk the dogs, or pay the bills on my to-do list... and, of course, all of those things get done without me writing it on a slip of paper. :) well, sweet Hannah's arrival has really made me feel like a failure when it comes to getting things done... it takes me forever to do something that shouldn't take 10 minutes, it seems... writing a thank you note, for example, has been a challenge... :) filling out a sympathy card for a friend took me 2 days... really?! 2 days... vacuuming the brain and eyes (and the bottom of Katherine's socks! :( ) realize it needs to be done, but it takes me a few days to actually GET to do it... sweeping the kitchen floor, which is littered with who knows's been on the list for more than a week...and swiffering it (it really needs to be mopped, but i settled for swiffering it this time! :)) took me a few days, too... i'm not a peticular housekeeper, trust house is lived in, without a doubt. it's not at all neat and tidy. but when me, my 2 dogs, husband, and 2 1/2 year old could probably invite a few cows in from the pasture behind our house, and they'd feel at home, i know i have things i NEED to do... :) while i don't EVER claim to desire perfection, i guess, deep down, completing the things on a "to-do" list would mean i did what i was supposed to do... i don't know if i'd call it perfection, but...if we stretched the term perfection a bit, perhaps it would fit? most people tell me to not worry about things like this... i understand the message, but it doesn't always go into the depths of my brain for true realization. the best advice i got was from another very special teacher i know, Cora... she's the momma to 3 children, the youngest who just turned 18, i believe... and she's one of those people who you could just sit in a room with and soak her in...her quiet, peaceful nature is so soothing, and she's so incredible...a genius, without a doubt...and so wise... her message really hit home... it had the words and message that i needed to hear...and it also helped me realize that i was expecting a little too much of myself... when i was questioning and shouting accolades up about how moms and dads to multiple children do it, her response soothed this soul... :) maybe it will hit home for you, too... Part of the secret is to let perfectionism go. I used to be kind of a perfectionist, if anyone who knows me now can believe that. After two [children], I released many of my perfectionist tendencies. After three, I shredded whatever perfectionist tendencies remained, burned 'em in a bonfire and danced around it maniacally . . . then drank a toast to (in)sanity (either way, it's all good) and survival. Here's to your sanity and survival. Here's to embracing the insanity when it happens b/c sometimes fond memories are actually forged in insanity. . . and here's to no more worrying about pj's past noon! ♥ Hug your girls. Some day they will understand how lucky they are that God made you their momma. In the mean time, don't forget to save a hug or two for yourself every now and then. :-) ♥

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

what i'm learning and what i love...

i love being a momma...
and having 2 kids is a tremendous blessing... i look at the girls a lot and think, "Gosh, really are a blessed woman with these girls...they're beautiful, funny, and they've been entrusted to you..."

i'm not going to lie...going from 1 to 2 children has been a little bit of an adjustment... i'm not completely sure how to verbalize all of the changes and challenges just yet...but each day, i'm learning a lot of new things... some of them are realizations...some of them make me laugh out loud...and some of them make me want to cry...

a teacher i used to teach with, who had 4 boys, told me that adding a second child was the most challenging for him and his wife (he stayed home with his boys - Mr. Mom :))... i honestly thought, since i baby sit, i would not have as much of an adjustment, but i was pretty off the mark there. don't get me wrong...things are not's just different...and it takes me a little while to adjust...

so, this week, i've written down some of the things that my mind has loved or what i've learned... :) i hope to do this for a few weeks...and i also will work on putting words with my thoughts and feelings... :)

so this week, what i've loved and learned... :)

*i have a very wonderful husband who jumps in with both feet every single day after working all day... after around 5 hours of sleep every day... he's a gem, without a doubt...

*there are not enough hours in the day to get everything i want to do finished (which is why i guess there's "tomorrow," huh? :))

*that whiny child that can grate on your last nerve that i sometimes scoffed at while shopping or in public before - yep, i have one now... heaven help me...

*it's ok if you set out to make cookies on Sunday and only get 15 made in 2 days... it's good that cookie dough keeps in the fridge... (this is also good for someone's craving for eating some cookie dough :))

*i love when K hears a noise and says, "hear dat??" as she gets really quiet to listen. we hear things like the ice maker, a trash truck, and dogs barking... but my favorite: when the wind chimes sound, she says..."hear dat??? hear jingle bells....." :)

*i need to find some quick "go to" foods for breakfast and lunch for me...

*burp clothes are like gold around here

*i do a lot of laundry...and it takes me forever!

*teaching my sweet K about the birds that come to the feeders as we eat our breakfast and lunch is really a blessing these days... i love her grin and giggles as she watches them "eat their din--nnnnner" and fly "high in the kye" when they're finished

*it takes me 8 minutes to serve me my food, warm up my dinner plate (at 8:40 because of someone needing to eat first, then a diaper change, then...), put leftover spaghetti in a bowl, put leftover blueberries in a bowl, tear cling wrap to cover the bowls, oops, forgot to put leftover corn in a bowl (more cling wrap) with one arm while holding Hannah in my other arm, slightly bouncing because she's in need of some good sleep (without her big sister banging on the bongos, playing her harmonica or tambourine, or yep, whining so loudly she can't sleep)...

*it's so sweet to hear K sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" - her version goes something like this... "Tinkle, tinkle, staaaarrrrr....high in the kye...." with her little arms moving up above her head like she's mopping the ceiling... it makes me smile every time... (especially b/c she doesn't whine when she sings this)

*it's never predictable to be at home with a 3 week old and an almost 2 1/2 year old... case and points: flying "meatballs" at your head when you're nursing ("meatballs" = balls from the ballpopper toy), throwing fits about puzzles and throwing pieces, pooping all the way up to your armpits, refusing to eat "fruit snacks" that she's always loved...things are always changing around here! :)

*the dogs, for being as old as they are, are real troopers about waiting till 2 or 3 to go outside to do their business...and i am more patient about letting them sniff every blade of greening grass because they're so neglected these days...

*i should be going to bed earlier but i can't seem to get there...

*it's ok that i sometimes don't get to shower until 3:30 or 4 in the afternoon... as one of my high school helpers (when i taught) wrote to me on facebook (she's the momma to twins!), "i don't get to shower until later in the day either...and my girls don't seem to mind at all!" :)

*i'm beyond thankful for a 3 week old who sleeps the bulk of the night - minus a feeding around 5 or 6 or 7... she's a super sleeper...

*it will be nice to give the girls a bath TOGETHER in about a year... 2 separate bathtimes makes for a very long night on nights when Hannah is up for a screamfest bath, too...

*when the dog throws up in Katherine's room, i should laugh when she is obsessed about seeing "Shorshe's yuckies" every 3 minutes and then tries to "mell" it (thankfully, from afar)

*it's ok to make your 2 1/2 year old lay with you in bed for 20 or 30 minutes in the morning because you're tired when she wakes up earlier than you anticipate...even when she doesn't want to lay with you... :) there's something special about your face being tickled by her wispy hair and seeing her incredible blue eyes stare at you... :)

*March Madness takes away some really great afternoon TV downtime for me...

*seeing K give her little sister kisses melts my heart... i'm so glad that she loves her sister...

*having daddy home a little early because of a flood day early dismissal is like a gift from above... :)

what will next week be like? i can't wait to find out (sorta)................. :)

meals for the week (back in the saddle...)

well, i knew family wouldn't stay here forever, making food for us to feed ourselves with... :) this is the second week without family here, so we're back to thinking about what to eat ahead of time, grocery shopping, and making meals... :) (last week, we had enough leftovers to eat up...)yes, i will admit that, it is a feat to get a meal on the table before 7:30... one night, we ate dinner at 8:20... ugh! but, i hope that things will get better on the "planning" front... :)

here are our meals, loosely, for the week... the plan has already been altered - we have enough leftovers to eat up (and not enough room in the fridge) before other things are made for meals... it doesn't really matter, don't care... :)

Sunday: mini-meatloaves and mashed potatoes
Monday: chicken noodle soup casserole
Tuesday: leftovers
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: french toast casserole
Friday: pizza
Saturday: leftovers
Sunday: crock pot meal (not sure what we'll make yet)

hope you have a great week of good eats and are surrounded by those you love! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

something to think about...

i will admit i'm not that great at putting my spiritual life in the forefront these days... and i'm not sure i was ever good at it, honestly...

i know that i need to be better, especially since i have two kids to set an example for now... i know that you're supposed to start your day in God's word...but this is so hard for me...especially that "morning" part... see, i'm NOT a morning person...while i'd like to say i'm not a grump in the dawn hours (i am sure my husband may beg to differ), i do well to get up and get myself either dressed (to shower later) to tackle the morning with kids with a smile...or head to the shower to get myself ready before tackling the morning with the kids with a smile... :)

and, i don't have lots of time to read blogs these days, either... i miss the wisdom and entertainment, but i have plenty going on here to keep me on my toes... :)

anyhow, today, i had a few extra minutes and saw this quote on another blog i read. i don't know the person who wrote the blog...but she has some neat insight on various things that sometimes speak to my soul... (and she has FOUR kids and still manages time with God in the morning...)
today was one of those days...
i saw her quote and loved it... so true...and perhaps what i need to read to get a fire lit under this lacking and slacking Christian...

hope you enjoy it, too...

it comes from a devotional she has titled "Streams in the Desert"

"The morning is a critically important time of day.
You must never face the day until you have faced God,
nor look into the face of others until you have looked into His.
You cannot expect to be victorious, if you begin
your day in your own strength alone."