Friday, March 25, 2011

what i'm learning...

well, i haven't posted on this topic for almost 2 weeks (or maybe over 2 weeks)....but that doesn't mean that i'm not still taking notes... :) hehe :) ~i learned that it's OK to use paper plates on nights when you know that it's a double bath night...having minimal dishes to do is divine :) ~i've learned there is nothing more beautiful that seeing my Katherine smile as she's swinging, hair blowing, with a huge smile on her face... ~i learned that it's never safe to put away winter items when it's in the 70s and 80s...snow in a forecast and below normal temperatures never fail to show their face once you have things packed away and the drawers mostly filled with t-shirts and warmer weather clothes! ~i've learned that, sadly, Cardinals don't respond to shouts of "HEY, RED BIRD" from a 2 year old at lunchtime when they're at the birdfeeder ~i'm learning that simple dinners on busy nights can be the yummiest thing to fill your belly! :) ~i'm learning that the timing of explosive poops is never perfect... 4 AM is my favorite time to have to completely change a very messy newborn, while trying not to wake my husband, who has to be up for work in 2 hours... ~i'm learning that there is something magical about a big sister playing "tickle tickle" with her little sister, who is staring bright eyed at her loving big sister... ~i'm learning that there are really no holds barred for an almost 2 1/2 year old who is in dire need of attention.... ~i'm learning that i really wish my parents lived closer ~i'm learning that it's pretty wrong for me to want "me" time when the kids are up... "noo puter...noo puter," spoken in a tiny voice, speaks louder than any voice i've heard in a long time.... *guilt* ~i've learned that a 5 minute shower is better than none! :) ~i've learned that it's OK to stay in bed a little longer on the weekends while my husband tends to his sweet firstborn... he can make french toast, too... :) ~i learned that we can all get up early on a Sunday and make it to church almost on time (had to do a little wrestling with a sleepy toddler who did not want tights or a dress on today!) ~i learned that i love a certain little girl's sleepy voice when she woke up to see snow on the ground on Sunday... "ohhh, yuuuk....snow... *sniffffff* it 'mell good....yuuk, it's nice and fuzzy..." ~i learned that looking out the window to see the beautiful flowering trees against a blue sky can really fill a soul... i'm blessed... :)