Tuesday, March 8, 2011

meals for the week (back in the saddle...)

well, i knew family wouldn't stay here forever, making food for us to feed ourselves with... :) this is the second week without family here, so we're back to thinking about what to eat ahead of time, grocery shopping, and making meals... :) (last week, we had enough leftovers to eat up...)yes, i will admit that, it is a feat to get a meal on the table before 7:30... one night, we ate dinner at 8:20... ugh! but, i hope that things will get better on the "planning" front... :)

here are our meals, loosely, for the week... the plan has already been altered - we have enough leftovers to eat up (and not enough room in the fridge) before other things are made for meals... it doesn't really matter, though...you don't care... :)

Sunday: mini-meatloaves and mashed potatoes
Monday: chicken noodle soup casserole
Tuesday: leftovers
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: french toast casserole
Friday: pizza
Saturday: leftovers
Sunday: crock pot meal (not sure what we'll make yet)

hope you have a great week of good eats and are surrounded by those you love! :)