Sunday, April 25, 2010

meals for 4.25.10 to 5.1.10

we're not shopping this week - except for things like milk and some fresh fruit... :) we have a nice menu, though...nothing to scoff at... :) and if tonight's dinner is any indication of what our week holds, we'll be enjoying full bellies... :)

and yes, if you want to call this "Pioneer Woman" week, feel free... :) it wasn't intentional... :)

Sunday: homemade sloppy joes (Pioneer Woman), leftover cheesy noodles & green beans
oh my goodness, these sloppy joes were so soooo soooo good... W.O.W. :) make them...seriously...they're good...

Monday: chicken rice soup (Pioneer Woman) & maybe some homemade french bread

Tuesday: breakfast for dinner (pancakes? french toast? omlettes? not sure yet...)

Wednesday: leftovers

ry's parents and sister will be arriving on Thursday afternoon, so i am not 100% sure what the rest of the week will hold as far as our menu. ry's mom is an awesome i'm sure she'll be in the kitchen for some of meals for the rest of the week...or we'll be eating out... either way, i'll leave the rest of the week blank...
(and, honestly, while i'm LOVING cooking, i'm kind of looking forward to a little kitchen/dinner vacation... :))

BUT... i'm thinking of making a pork tenderloin in the crockpot for Thursday... they're on sale this week... too good of a deal to pass up... :)

Thursday: pork tenderloin?

Friday: ? :)

Saturday: ? :)

enjoy your week... :) hope you spend some good time around the table with your friends and your family! :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

playin' at Grandmas

my mom has a little red wagon that she sits various little stuffed animal friends in during the year... during the holidays, little reindeer and bears sit in the Spring, she decorates it with little bunnies and lambs...we played with the wagon a bit when we visited in early March... when we walked in for our Easter visit, the very first think K went to play with (after giving Grandma kisses :)) was the wagon...we also enjoyed playing with Grandma's cabinets, Daisy's dog toys (my parents' dog), and opening and closing the door... :)

just tall enough to reach the door knob :)
ridin' in the wagon :)
drinking and riding :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter egg hunt

we had a very basic Easter egg hunt with K at my mom and dad's house on Easter Sunday...
she napped just before the official hunt, so my mom spent a little time "stuffing" the eggs with various toddler goodies. the eggs had animal crackers, fishies, and the epitome of Easter treats - yellow Peeps! :) the hunt was quite funny... while the eggs were in plain sight, K's attention wandered very easily... :) we had a lot of fun trying to encourage her to get the eggs here and there... and of course, when she discovered that the eggs were holding little treasures...well, that just about made for the longest Easter egg hunt... :)
nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and made some special "first Easter egg hunt" memories... :)
hmm, what's this?
serious egg hunter
ohhh! a Peep! :)

hmmm, what's in this one?
attention diverted - a pine cone! :) (it's kind of shaped
like an egg, right? :))

ohhh, yah, these eggs have treats inside :)
(thanks, Grandma, for carrying my basket :))

i have the treat, let me put the egg back in the grass :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

meals for 4.18-4.24

it's gonna be slim pickins around this house for the next two weeks... we're pretty much going to eat what we have... not a lot of $$ for grocery shopping...unless Uncle Sam sends our refund checks soon... :)
i don't think we'll suffer... :)

Sunday: leftovers - macaroni soup & grilled cheese
Monday: hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, veggies
Tuesday: lasagna & french bread
Wednesday: french toast
Thursday: leftovers (lasagna)
Friday: hot dogs, cheese noodles (paula dean), & veggies
Saturday: free for all - eat whatever

:) happy eating this week... :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

playin' outside :)

it's so much fun to have a little one walking around this Spring.... :) it's nice to put her down in the green grass and watch her explore everything around her... :)
we don't have a lot of "fun" kiddy things to do in our yard {like a sandbox (which would become a wild kitty litter box, no doubt) or a swing set} mostly, we just chase her or chase the balls that she kicks or throws... she doesn't seem to care, though...and neither do we :)
here are some photos from the last few weeks :)

kickin' the ball with Daddy :)
her "wow!" face (love it :))
ohh, a lightsaber?
ohhh, grass :)
let's play! :)
runnin' away :)

learning that your hands get dirty when you touch the ground :)
we're working on the "brush it off" technique :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

meals for 4.11.10 - 4.17.10

i have been such a spending grocery shopper in the last few weeks that i'm going to not shop this week and we're going to eat what we have... and we have plenty... :)

this is what our week looks like for meals...i think... :) i always find that it's hard to "get back into the swing of things" after a week off... :)

Sunday: strombolis or homemade pizza

Monday: out to dinner to celebrate Ry's birthday - his pick: Chinese

Tuesday: chicken hot dish

Wednesday: macaroni soup

Thursday: leftovers - chicken hot dish

Friday: leftovers - soup and any chicken hot dish

Saturday: grill out - burgers or hot dogs

:) enjoy your week! :)

catch up

it's been awhile... :)
i feel like there's a lot to write about but nothing that is remotely interesting... :)

we've been busy in the last week or so...mostly going here and there...
Ry's very short spring break (thank you, February snowcation) bought us a little time to head north to visit my parents for a few days... we were going to head to DE to visit Ry's family, too, but our schedules, combined, just didn't allow for a lot of time to see them... so, we all decided to just wait and enjoy a visit in a few weeks...
anyway, we had a nice time in PA...didn't do a whole lot, but that's part of the fun. i really just enjoy spending time with my mom and dad...we don't have to be on the go all the time or anything... :)
we drove back to VA on Wednesday and K and I had a quiet but busy day on Thursday when Ry went back to school for a very short week... :) on Friday morning, we headed up to Washington, DC with intentions of seeing some pretty Cherry Blossoms... however, we were too late... we mostly just got to see some brown petals on the ground... we'll have to head to DC a little earlier next year, i think, in order to take in the pretty flowers! :)
we did get to do some touristy things in DC, that was nice. :) it was a long day with A LOT of walking,! my feet were killing me when we finally got back to the van to head to dinner... :) i don't know how far we walked, but we were on our feet for a good 6 or more hours...

i just got the pictures from the last few weeks loaded on the computer, and as long as the computer doesn't crash between now and later (been having some issues with good old Dell), i will get them posted and write some more details on the last few weeks... :)

in the meantime, i need to do the piles of laundry that have accumulated and plan our meals for this upcoming week... yep, i think it's back to the "grindstone" with our regular schedules... :) bittersweet, if you ask's kinda sad to go back to a predictable schedule but at least it means that in about 8 more weeks, we'll be saying hello to summer vacation. :) the last week was just a taste of what's to come soon... :)

more later...just wanted to let anyone who reads know that we haven't disappeared... :)
have a wonderful Sunday! :)