Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter egg hunt

we had a very basic Easter egg hunt with K at my mom and dad's house on Easter Sunday...
she napped just before the official hunt, so my mom spent a little time "stuffing" the eggs with various toddler goodies. the eggs had animal crackers, fishies, and the epitome of Easter treats - yellow Peeps! :) the hunt was quite funny... while the eggs were in plain sight, K's attention wandered very easily... :) we had a lot of fun trying to encourage her to get the eggs here and there... and of course, when she discovered that the eggs were holding little treasures...well, that just about made for the longest Easter egg hunt... :)
nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and made some special "first Easter egg hunt" memories... :)
hmm, what's this?
serious egg hunter
ohhh! a Peep! :)

hmmm, what's in this one?
attention diverted - a pine cone! :) (it's kind of shaped
like an egg, right? :))

ohhh, yah, these eggs have treats inside :)
(thanks, Grandma, for carrying my basket :))

i have the treat, let me put the egg back in the grass :)