Sunday, April 25, 2010

meals for 4.25.10 to 5.1.10

we're not shopping this week - except for things like milk and some fresh fruit... :) we have a nice menu, though...nothing to scoff at... :) and if tonight's dinner is any indication of what our week holds, we'll be enjoying full bellies... :)

and yes, if you want to call this "Pioneer Woman" week, feel free... :) it wasn't intentional... :)

Sunday: homemade sloppy joes (Pioneer Woman), leftover cheesy noodles & green beans
oh my goodness, these sloppy joes were so soooo soooo good... W.O.W. :) make them...seriously...they're good...

Monday: chicken rice soup (Pioneer Woman) & maybe some homemade french bread

Tuesday: breakfast for dinner (pancakes? french toast? omlettes? not sure yet...)

Wednesday: leftovers

ry's parents and sister will be arriving on Thursday afternoon, so i am not 100% sure what the rest of the week will hold as far as our menu. ry's mom is an awesome i'm sure she'll be in the kitchen for some of meals for the rest of the week...or we'll be eating out... either way, i'll leave the rest of the week blank...
(and, honestly, while i'm LOVING cooking, i'm kind of looking forward to a little kitchen/dinner vacation... :))

BUT... i'm thinking of making a pork tenderloin in the crockpot for Thursday... they're on sale this week... too good of a deal to pass up... :)

Thursday: pork tenderloin?

Friday: ? :)

Saturday: ? :)

enjoy your week... :) hope you spend some good time around the table with your friends and your family! :)