Monday, April 12, 2010

playin' outside :)

it's so much fun to have a little one walking around this Spring.... :) it's nice to put her down in the green grass and watch her explore everything around her... :)
we don't have a lot of "fun" kiddy things to do in our yard {like a sandbox (which would become a wild kitty litter box, no doubt) or a swing set} mostly, we just chase her or chase the balls that she kicks or throws... she doesn't seem to care, though...and neither do we :)
here are some photos from the last few weeks :)

kickin' the ball with Daddy :)
her "wow!" face (love it :))
ohh, a lightsaber?
ohhh, grass :)
let's play! :)
runnin' away :)

learning that your hands get dirty when you touch the ground :)
we're working on the "brush it off" technique :)