Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the beauty of spring :)

we got spoiled by some beautiful weather about a week ago... (forget about the snow they're calling for tonight...or the snow that covered our ground on Sunday morning :)) my sweet K loves her time outside...there's NOTHING that makes her happier (well, maybe M&Ms do :))... K is super curious about anything outside... and one of the things i LOVE about her is her willingness to play and get dirty... :) this spring, i have enjoyed watching her look at and love flowers...and smelling them... :) she smells every flower she can find... :) flowers are pretty to look at, but they're perfect for picking, too :)

K smelling her yellow crocus :) pickin' another one :)
playin' with rocks :)
shubble in one hand, water in another :) a little gardner in training :)
pickin' another flower :)