Tuesday, April 5, 2011

meals for 4.4.11 through 4.10.11

back to meal planning :) my mother in law has gone home...so no one is here to cook for this lazy momma... :) i'm not really that lazy... :) i don't mind cooking... :) it's actually a nice little break at this point... :) lots of stuff swiriling around in my mind...but i will write that in another post sometime later...and since it's almost 2 AM, i better get my fingers typing so that i can get in bed before too long!! :) i will pay for it tomorrow...

our meals for the week... :)

  • Monday: grill out - hot dogs, mac n cheese, mixed veggies

  • Tuesday: meatloaf, leftover mac n cheese, veggie

  • Wednesday: sandwiches (something quick and easy - i have a dentist appointment late in the afternoon :))

  • Thursday: Chick-Fil-A (ry has a dentist appointment on this day and said, "Chick Fil A is nice and easy..." :)

  • Friday: french toast and a fresh fruit salad :)

  • Saturday: Easter Egg hunt with friends - dinner with them - TBA :) (probably grilling out

  • Sunday: grill out - probably BBQ chicken :)
hope you have a great week! :) enjoy lots of good eating with those you love! :)