Tuesday, April 12, 2011

meals for 4.11.11 through 4.17.11

well, the heat is on in VA right now... it's been such wacky weather this spring... we were running our little heater in our bedroom a few days ago, and now, the cool air from our AC is keeping us comfortable after a day of temperatures in the high 80s with lots of humidity... rain is in the forecast for the next several days, and so, it struck me that, interestingly, weather, seems to play a roll in what we decide to eat here at the Rakow house... weird!! :) nevertheless, this is what will be adding to our hips this week... :)

  • Monday: filet mignon, baked potatoes, mac n cheese (not a typical meat selection for us penny pinchers...they were left over from when we didn't have kids and were able to spend our money at Omaha Steaks! :))

  • Tuesday: out to eat - Happy Birthday, Ryan :) - i'll probably make him some brownies instead of cake, too :) but i doubt we'll have room! :)

  • Wednesday: macaroni soup and grilled cheese

  • Thursday: frenchies chicken tenders and tater tots (Ry's request :))

  • Friday: leftovers (probably soup) and rolls

  • Saturday: not sure yet...fried rice? bisquits and ham?

  • Sunday: crock pot - pork loin, mashed potatoes & carrots :)

hope that you have a fabulous week and ENJOY every minute! :)