Wednesday, April 27, 2011

meals for 4.25.11 through 5.1.11 *eek! MAY!*

how is it that April is almost over?? geez louise...

well, it's quiet in my abode right now... kids are sleeping *yes, simultaneously...that doesn't happen often* and it looks like another spring storm is a-brewin' :) dark clouds, wind... i love storms! have you ever noticed that, when it's about to storm, the trees seem to turn their leaves upsidedown so that the lighter green side is showing? maybe it's just the wind, but i've always found this to be something i've wondered about for awhile... hmmm...

it's Ry's spring break this week... and don't you know that he is now sick with something or other... the pits, i tell ya... he's at the doctor now, so hopefully the vacay won't be totally ruined by an ill-feeling self, husband, and daddy... *gotta love the timing of sickness*

and, there's nothing like posting a meal plan when the week is almost halfway through, huh?! :)'s what we're going to be eating (or already ate :)) this week... :)

Monday: fried rice (yep, from last week...never got to it... Hannah got shots on Friday and was a little fussy and feverish...i held her most of the night and didn't make dinner :) i'm a rebel :))
Tuesday: Easter leftovers :)
Wednesday: creamy scalloped potatoes and ham (new recipe)
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: eating out in No. VA? may be at the zoo this day :) (literally, not figuratively :))
Sunday: grill out - bbq chicken and baked potatoes

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week...ENJOY the beautiful weather and spend some time dancin' in the spring rain :)