Monday, April 18, 2011

meals for 4.18.11 through 4.24.11 :)

it is holy week for many... i know a lot of people will be busy with church services and might be having quick meals...or maybe meals at church with all the yummy fixins... while we are christians, and practicing ones at that, we don't have a lot of "traditions" when it comes to "holy" week as far as meals... we'll be enjoying a nice Easter dinner with friends on Sunday, but that's about it... :) so, this is what will be cookin' up at the Rakows for the week before Easter :)

  • Monday: French toast, turkey bacon, sausage (ry)

  • Tuesday: open face pork loin sandwiches & mashed potatoes (leftovers from Sunday)

  • Wednesday: turkey burgers on the grill, mac n cheese, and tater tots :)

  • Thursday: conversational dinner at Pastor Lindsay's - not sure what we're taking yet :)

  • Friday: fried rice (homemade) and from chinese take out: egg rolls, wonton soup (Robin), dumplings (Ry)

  • Saturday: eat out? (may switch this with Friday and have Friday's meal on Saturday)

  • Sunday: Easter dinner with the Strongs - we don't know what we're having yet... :)
We hope that you have a wonderful week, and don't forget to celebrate the risen Lord on Sunday! :)