Friday, April 8, 2011

boring randoms

  • i love it when the weather gets warm...but i hate a hot house... i don't think it's necessary to turn on the AC yet....

  • my dog snores really loud... my husband snores louder... *sigh*

  • i finally ordered Hannah's birth announcements :) i'll be excited to see them when they come... and, gosh...birth announcents are so expensive... gone are the days of simple written ones with a picture enclosed... oh well...

  • i have to dust our ceiling fans before i will turn them on for the spring... i don't like friction and how it makes so much dust collect on their blades.... ugh...

(i fell asleep while writing this the other night...)

  • Katherine has been singing "Frere Jacques" for the last week now... it cracks me up... then she switches to the English version, "Are You Sleeping?"... she will skip around the house singing it... :) this morning, when i went in to get her, she was quietly singing it in her crib. so stinkin' sweet...i love it... :)

  • if we invited the cows that live on the farm next to our back yard, they'd be happy to eat all of our very tall grass... hard to believe it's mowing season already!

  • i am mailing our efile permission to our accountant tomorrow so our taxes can be filed... yay! :) i'm a little ashamed to say that i forgot to total the amounts of various "home business" expenses for him...which translates into extra work for him... oops... he even wrote a note on our return information... Ry's reply, "Way to've made the accountant mad!" :)

  • Hannah struggles with sleeping during the day... sometimes, she will sleep for what seems like the entire day, waking only to eat... then, there are days, like today, where she cat naps for 10 minutes at a time and her longest nap is 30 minutes... her big sister tends to be a little loud, waking her sometimes...and she does NOT like to be left alone in a room to sleep... within about 10 minutes of me leaving the room, you'll hear her cry... interesting... but, she is sleeping through the night like a champ...if she wakes, it is only once... :) i love that... :)

  • we have 2 stray cats that call our house a "Fine Bistro" :) they get fed, generally daily, on our deck... they're probably keeping the mice at bay in our shed, so we'll keep them around. :) anyway, they're geniusly named Momma Cat and Baby Cat (Baby Cat was Momma Cat's kitten last spring! :))... when K seems them outside when we're playing, she'll crouch down, put her little hand up by her cheek, wave, and say in her highest voice, "oh, hi Momma Cat...hi Baby Cat..." it's pretty cute... :)

it's time for me to go to bed... :) i'm not going to fall asleep this time while writing... :)