Tuesday, March 29, 2011


in the last several months, Katherine has been very aware of friendship. she identifies Thomas as her friend in so many situations...but she will only call him a friend when something affectionate happens - like a hug or a kiss on the cheek... she also sees characters on TV shows or in books as friends... two shows that she catches from time to time, Little Bear and Franklin, are great at promoting friendship...there are always activities with "friends" going on... "friends" transferred into regular old life, too... we have a bag of bath toys...and some of her favorites to play with are little green frogs from the dollar area at Target. we always have two frogs in the bath each night... back in January, K would be adament about her frogs being with her at various times in the bath routine... (like when she stands to have her booooooty washed :)) if she does not have the frogs, there is a price to be paid (whine central).... one night, i noticed that this is what she would do with her frogs when booty washing time surfaced... she'd sit them on the soap ledge, facing each other, kissing, and proudly announce, "friends..." and then go back to playing in the tub... :) i just wanted to remember her innocence and wonderful perspective forever... :)