Friday, November 14, 2008

amazing... :)

It's been awhile since I've posted...sorry! I always have good intentions and never follow through because SOMEONE always diverts my attention... :) I wouldn't have it any other way, though... :)
We've been LOVING having this new little bundle of joy... I don't know how many people I've told, but if I would have known parenthood would be this wonderful, I would have done it a lot sooner! There are no words to use to convey my love for this child... :)
Ry was off the week of Nov. 3rd...which was great. We enjoyed being together as a family! :) We voted on the 4th, which was also my 32nd birthday! (WOW!) After having Katherine, there wasn't anything that I wanted/needed...she is the perfect gift! :)
We also visited my school one my wonderful teacher friends could meet Miss Katherine. :) I also visited my classroom briefly but was really taken back at how different my kids were. It was like they were muted or something...hard to explain. Their faces lit up, but they were scared to come up to see me or Katherine...I know having a sub has been difficult on them. Anyway, it was great to see everyone, and we'll need to go back soon... :)

Katherine had a Dr.'s appt. on the 3rd, as I mentioned before... It was a much better appointment (she cried almost the entire time for her first appointment), and she managed to make it very exciting. Well, she managed to poop all over the exam table when she had her temperature taken, which meant that the nurse had to clean off the table and Ry had to hold her while I was getting wipes from her bag. Well, Ry didn't pick her up with her blanket for "protection," and she managed to pee all over the front of Ry's shirt, on his jeans, and even on his sneakers. Fun times... :)

This week, K and I hung out "just the two of us" and had a great week. While we missed Ry, we did enjoy being together. Generally, K and I spend the day hanging out, eating (her more than me :)), going for a walk with the dogs, and catching a few TV shows at various points. :) When she naps, I usually eat lunch, take a shower, or do something around the house. At times, I do nap, too...but I've not been that tired during the day... :) I'm loving being here at home with's amazing and wonderful! Oh, this week, we did go in to the high school to visit Ry on his teacher friends could see her, too! :) She was a hit, of course! :)
And, Miss K officially hit the "3 week" mark... :) I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since I had her... Time is flying...

K had her FIRST real bath by us this week, too! :) Her belly button finally fell off on Sunday, so Tuesday was the "big day." She enjoyed her luxury tub...and liked that we ran a space heater for her to make the bathroom all warm and toasty! :) Then, she got to have another bath on Thursday...unplanned... :) We had a nice "explosive" diaper experience...but she came out of the tub clean and smelling beautifully!

I'm loving every single second of this "mom" stuff...and Katherine is really wonderful, amazing, inspiring... When I look at her, I just about lose it thinking about how amazing it is that she's here...and how incredible her life is...and how perfect she is... She's changed my perspective about nearly everything in so many ways...

I can't wait to see what the next week brings... I can't imagine it getting any better than it already is... I'm in love...again. :)