Sunday, June 21, 2009

2 a quick post :)

It's been a long time...sheesh... :) I am glad I don't have many blog followers... :) No wonder, huh!? :)
First, I resigned from teaching on June 5th... A difficult decision only because it's another major change from the "pre-baby norm" for me...and in the economic state of our country, how many people are quitting their jobs??!! Me... :) I can't wait to have every day with my Babe... :) I will be keeping a few other teachers' kids, too, to help with the income... :) It's going to be lots of fun! :) Who wouldn't want to see this kid every day all day?! :)

We're in the traveling mode for the next few weeks... Right after we were free from school, we got in the van and made a trip north...stopping in PA to sleep over, then onto NY (with lots of traffic!) for a visit with Ry's family... :) We had a nice time... :) K got baptized...we went to a few times... I had some sort of flu...which made traveling pretty interesting... :) After around 7 days of the fever/achy/upset stomach/can't keep anything in for more than 20 minutes, I think I'm finally feeling a little better... :) Then, we headed back to PA for another sleep over...and stayed an extra day to shop and to hang out with my parents... Then, onward to VA, again...home sweet home. Our trip back took 8+ hours (instead of the 4-5 hours) due to a 24+ car pile up on 95 just outside of Baltimore... We hung out at White Marsh for a little bit...a nice little shopping area... :)
On Monday, we'll head out to go to Illinois so that we can visit with my grandma... I'm always excited to see her and to enjoy a very relaxed time there... But this trip is even more special because my grandma gets to meet her great-granddaughter... That's super special... :) My parents are there, now, too, so we'll all be there together... Thank God for Aerobeds! :) hehe :)

Now that it's summer, maybe I'll have more to post about...and definitely more time... :) Nap time is short, but at least it gives me some time to do things on the computer... :)

Baby K is growing so much... She's got two teeth now (bottom) and seems to be chewing A maybe there will be more to cut through in the coming weeks? She's REALLY pleasant for a teething baby...altho we have had some choppy nights of sleep... She's turning over and back very quickly... She's most definately talking A LOT...she doesn't mince her words in baby babble... :) I guess that she gets that honestly, eh?! :) She's sitting up... I guess the next milestone will be crawling... :) She claps and waves...and even makes a "hey" sound when she puts her arm up to wave... :) She loves to swim... She doesn't get a sippy cup and would rather get her water through a straw that we hold, cover the top, and then put it in her mouth... When the water is cold, she always gives a little growl as she cute... :) Oh, and she doesn't like the word, "No" when it comes to her putting her hands on dishes when she's got her food in front of her... Boy, what a temper! :) The's so indescribable... :)
OK...I need to do some things to prepare for the trip before turning in for the night...her 6:30ish wake up call every morning to eat comes so early when you go to bed so late... :)
Oh, and Happy Father's Day to every father out there! :) What a priceless be a parent... :)