Monday, February 15, 2010

meals for the week (Feb. 15th - Feb.21st)

it's me...the unmotivated meal planner...

school is "sort of" back in session - delays and an early release so far... my wonderful vacation with Ry and K officially ends, i guess...bittersweet... i so loved having him here...and K did, too...

so why am i so unmotivated?? it's interesting b/c i hate not knowing what we're having for puts unneeded stress on us (if you could just hear the conversation... :)), and i don't like the feeling of not knowing what we're eating at 6 each night...

plus, it will be a TIGHT month for us...i think our bank account is nearing its lowest balance in years...not a bad amount (we're not in trouble or anything)...but i can tell our "cushion" is dwindling a bit... so, we won't be "friviously" shopping for groceries for the rest of the month... we'll only get necessities...

so...this is what i've come up with...

~Monday: leftovers (soup, italian creamy chicken, grilled cheese)
~Tuesday: garlic chicken and potatoes (crockpot recipe) & broccoli corn bread (heavenly!)
~Wednesday: sloppy joes, mac n cheese, and veggies
~Thursday: french toast
~Friday: leftovers
~Saturday: probably out to dinner w/ friends (we only pay for our dinners in cash...if we can't afford it, we don't go! :))
~Sunday: not sure yet...probably chicken of some sort... :)

lunches for the week: soup, microwave meals, cheese sandwich
breakfast: banana flax muffins, yogurt, cereal

:) happy eating, everyone... :)