Thursday, May 6, 2010


do you ever feel like you have about a million little thoughts floating around in your brain...but you just can't make any of them connect to form a thoughtful post? that's me lately... :)
i don't know if i was like this pre-child, but i am now, more often than not...
maybe it's because my life is rich with various experiences...maybe it's because i don't have the "same old things" happening each day with kids running around...maybe it's because i just have too much stuff going on... :)

so, this will be a flurry post... randoms... :)

~i think K ate a rock yesterday... she's definitely my child... she loves dirt and rocks...and the dirtier she can get, the better... her favorite place right now is to sit at the end of the driveway in the rocky sand-ish pile from the street... she sits in the pile of dirt and rocks...she digs in there with her hands...she gets her little pink butted pants all dirty...and her hands touch her face that becomes stroked with grey dirt... :) she gets up, walks with a rock or two, comes back to her pile, and digs her hands in for more dirt... :) so last night, my glance wandered for a second...i looked back at her, and i saw a black something in her mouth (or i think i did)... i did the sweep i learned in CPR, but there was nothing there... :) so, i think she ate one of the rocks... we'll probably know today, if she did... :)

~i'm learning a lot about being a consistent disciplinarian with K... she is trying out her power and control... i admit that there are days when i really like when nap time comes, but that isn't often... after she naps, she's a new little woman, though... :) and if you were here during those mornings where she's trying me every 30 seconds, you'd know that that's a good thing...

~we dropped from 2 to 1 nap...and this may be on of the reasons for the above "flurry." i think we've been doing this one nap transition for about a month now... she is doing much better with the extended time that she's up... i'm hoping that the afternoon nap grows in length a bit... :)

~my sweet father-in-law & Ry built me a clothes line... :) i LOVE it... i don't know if i can emphasize that enough... seriously, i love it... i wake up and am excited to do laundry and to put it outside to dry... :) i am a bit of a slow clothes line hanger, though...i feel like it takes me forever... :) hopefully i will get a bit faster... :) i have a load of sheets and a blanket in the washer now crying to be put out on the line for fresh air and sunshine... :) it's really the simple things, isn't it? :)
i haven't had the courage to hang out underwear yet... i guess i'm afraid that the birds or cows will make fun of us...(we have no neighbors behind us, and those to the sides have views that are mostly blocked by some trees)...

~there are only 24 days left of school with the kids for that means 26 days of work for him before summer... :) that's exciting... i can't believe it's already time for summer... :) i can't believe i haven't taught in a classroom for a year... :) it feels ironically liberating... :)

~i have been watching with sadness about poor Yeardley Love, the UVA lacrosse player who was apparently murdered by another UVA lacrosse player (Georgy Hugheley)... we live about 10 minutes away from UVa, so it's splashed all over the news here...
as the days pass since her death, new details trickle out... they dated and had a violent and aggressive relationship, physical abuse...and people knew but just didn't say anything... and George...he is a very mean and belligerent drunk and had been arrested for being drunk in public in 2008, when he also apparently assaulted a female officer... and word is that he had been drinking all day on Sunday before went and kicked down Yeardley's bedroom door and proceeded to "slam her head" against the wall... i can't even imagine the pain that Yeardley's parents, family, and friends must be feeling... it rips this mom's heart out...

~our house is turning into the Holiday Inn... :) Ry's family was here last parents are arriving today... i'm not that great at making beds, but i'm glad to be surrounded by family... :)

~i'm itching to do some gardening... i want the freedom to go and buy some flowers for mother's day... :) and i want to plant a vegetable garden, too... :)

that's all for now... :) hope i haven't bored you too much... :)


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

First, your post didn't bore me at all :) Second, my mind races as well...too many thoughts that I can't put together. Third, I bet K's one nap a day will get longer. Luke did the one short nap thing for awhile when we transitioned from one nap to two. Now, he does one good long nap. Let us know if the rock reappears :)