Tuesday, August 31, 2010

hi, my name is..........

yep, let me introduce myself... :)
i feel like it's been eons since i last posted...too long...
but if you're reading, you probably already know who i am anyway, so i won't waste my time with the formalities! :)

but, with a HUGE smile on my face, i can tell you that i'm HOME and here to stay for awhile... :) my trip to PA was good...definitely some QT time with "be-bot" and "be-bot" (what K calls my mom and dad :)) i LOVED spending time with my mom and K...we always had a good time... :) we did a little shopping, visited some old neighbors, played outside A LOT, went for several walks, fed the ducks, went to a big playground, visited the dog park...it was a full but relaxing time! the weather was beautiful...and we just loved every bit of it!
i'll be posting pictures and a little bit more detail about our little excursions now that i'm HOME and have access to the internet... :)

admittedly, i was ready to come home...i missed it...and Ry...and it was good to be back. my mom came back with K and me, and then my dad headed down a few days later to visit and then the "be-bots" headed back home to PA... i think i had some serious empty nest feelings without my mom being around...we spent almost 3 weeks together! i would love for them to move down here so that we could do lots of things together all the time...

"be-bot" grandpa wanted to get K a swing set while he was here...so we shopped for that one day. that was a fun experience...and boy, they have ALL sorts of things that you can put on a swing set these days...a step up from the metal a-frame wonders that we used to play with in the 80s! :) hehe :) we ended up getting our swing set at Lowe's, and we're waiting for a few parts to come in before we hear from the installer... it will be wonderful to play on the new "wee" (slide) and swings as the season turns from summer to fall... :) and, with our track record for injuries, we'll be doing a lot of praying and eagle eyeing to make sure K stays SAFE on her new swing set!

as we get back into the swing of a normal work schedule and the "normal" life, i will be better about posting... i need to get back into posting meal plans and things of that sort, too! :) i feel like i have about 40 posts that need to be put up...swimming around in my head... but, for now, it's time for dinner... so, i best sign off and say that it's good to be back... :)

oh, and happy September... :) (which translates into cooler weather, i hope!)


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

And I too am waiting for the cooler weather :) Nice to see you back in "blogging world" though it'll be even better when we start regularly e-mailing again...I seriously miss "talking" with you....This summer has just been plain busy.