Sunday, September 12, 2010

meals for 9.13.10 to 9.19.10

i think fall is finally knocking on our door... i see leaves scattering the ground...and a cool breeze blows in our windows at sunset... :) i love it... fall is one of my most favorite times of the year...the colors and smells...pumpkins and mums... :) Earth's rest from a hot and demanding summer is well-earned... :)

my meals haven't quite taken that "fall" turn, yet...but we're looking forward to some yummy eats this week! :) here's what will be on our boring white plates this week... :)

Monday: chocolate chip banana pancakes, sausage links (Ry) and turkey bacon (me :))

Tuesday: leftovers (corn noodle casserole from Sunday)

Wednesday: BBQ meatballs (Meg's recipe), corn on the cob and mashed potatoes (totally stole
the rest of the meal from her plate picture - so original, i know :) - but it looks so good!)

Thursday: leftovers (corn noodle casserole?) OR bagel pizzas (me) and California Kitchen's BBQ chicken pizza (Ry)

Friday: meatball sandwiches (leftover meatballs from Wed.) & mac n cheese

Saturday: leftovers or eat out

Sunday: cream of broccoli soup and grilled cheese (haven't decided on which recipe for the soup...will post it when i do :))

happy eats to you all! :) ENJOY your time with your family and friends! :)


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

You're soooo good to have all your meals planned out for the week already. I'm definitely not that far yet. Also, I too love fall food -- that means, it's almost time for NAVAJO SOUP :) I just mentioned to Marc the other day that I couldn't wait to make that again. I haven't looked real close at Meg's BBQ meatball recipe, but I think it's the one I actually use. If it is -- they are YUMMY, and they will not let you down :)