Monday, December 6, 2010

meals for 12.6.10 to 12.12.10

well, it's another week already.... :) seems like we just got started on last week... :) but time keeps marching, doesn't it... :) on some days, i long for a pause button for life...

a note on last week's menu... those pillsbury crescent rolls with ham and cheese were so yummy and FAST and EASY... i used ham that we had from some occassion in the past (it was in freezer and i have A LOT more to use)...and i used thin slices of Velveeta as my cheese... yum! :) i'm sure it would be good with deli ham, too... perfect combination of buttery, salty, sweet and just good... :) highly recommended...especially as some of you will probably have leftover ham in the coming weeks if that's your main meat dish for Christmas... :)

this week, i've kind of taken more of a basics menu... i have the goal of making some Christmas cookies, and i don't want to spend afternoons and evenings in the kitchen... so, the meals, while still good, i hope, will be easier and quick... :)

on the Christmas cookie front, while i don't know what i will make on what day, i've decided that i am going to be making:

  • my great-grandma's sugar cookies (cut outs)
  • maybe some other sugar cut out cookies (a recipe from a past student's mom that were SUPER yummy)
  • the infamous ricotta cookies
  • raisin puff cookies
  • salted caramel thumbprint cookies
  • and maybe some buckeyes...

all the cookies, except for the salted caramel thumbprints and the "other" cut out sugar cookie recipes are family recipes... :)
looking at that list is kind of daunting, honestly :) hehe :) but, it's my hope to get a package ready, with cookies, to send to my grandma. she's impossible to shop for (what can you get a lady who is about to turn 89? :)) and loves to have some cookies and things of that sort to snack on... she was the most INCREDIBLE cook...but a stroke took her ability to read and she doesn't see too well, either... so i figured these cookies would be perfect and comforting, too... :)

ok...our meals for the week... :)

  • Monday: rotisserie chicken (thank you, Sam's Club :)), mashed potatoes, veggies
  • Tuesday: Navajo soup (the "friendship" soup for Sarah and me :))
  • Wednesday: leftover chicken and fixins
  • Thursday: leftover Navajo soup
  • Friday: blintzes
  • Saturday: christmas cookie party at the Strongs (we're taking a super simple but yummy hormel chili dip)
  • Sunday: tacos

i hope everyone has a great week! :) ENJOY your time together :)


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

YAY for Navajo Soup...After I made it a couple of weeks ago, Marc has since asked me to make it again. But, I think I'll wait another week or two. Tonight, it's chili and cinnamon rolls for us! And yes, Navajo Soup does have a special meaning for me as well (I like your title of "Friendship Soup"). Also -- your cookie list does look a bit daunting, but I know you can do it. And, I'm sure they'll be yummy!

Diana said...

I've been reading your blog for some time... founf you last year via Sara's blog (we live in the same town). I've enjoyed visiting your family now and then here.

Saw your comment on Sara's weekly menu about the cinnamon rolls and chili. Our family has always had those together... I have family in other parts fo the country who've also always had chili and cinnamon rolls together. So yummy. The sweetness of the rolls takes the edge off the chili. When I was in junior high (way back when, haha), all the students in the school looked forward to that meal because it was soooooo delicious... and because the rolls were always twice as big as the bowl the chili was in, LOL!

The salted caramel thumbprints sound interesting... I'll have to try that idea sometime.

Have a lovely weekend! ♥