Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"meals for" changes

Ry's almost finished with school... a half day with kids on Tueday, 2 work days, and then he bids farewell to the 2010-2011 school year... :)
and since summer is so different than the "normalcy" of a school year, i'm going to do something a little different. instead of posting weekly meal plans, i'm going to post a recipe in the meal plan's place...
i'm always, always looking for new recipes...ya know, foods that will be enjoyed here... :) i keep 2 notebooks...a spiral notebook that i write recipes in that i come across while reading on the internet (blogs), magazines, etc. i also have a 3-ring binder fitted with those annoying sticky photo pages that i use to keep recipes safe and sound... the binder is kind of like the "keeper" - if you make it in the binder, you're good... :) hehe :)
and, if you come here for meal inspiration, then maybe you can try your hand at the new recipes... :)

stay tuned for my first summer recipe... :)