Sunday, August 28, 2011

meals for the week 8.29.11 to 9.4.11

it's been a good week...interesting, but good...earthquake, aftershocks, a little of Hurricane Irene... :) hannah's 6 month check up, lots of shots (poor baby!)...lacking sleep from her restless nights... but, thankfully, we are safe and sound... :)

we have our meal plan ready to go! :) i'm trying to get myself together a bit because i know we have to grocery shop for a few things early this week... :)

can you believe we're greeting September this week??? wow! :) i'm ready, though...while i do love summer for it's relaxing and having Ry around pretty much full time, i'm looking forward to the leaves changing, crisp nights... :) yay! :)

here's what we'll be eating this week... :)

Monday: tacos :)
Tuesday: french toast casserole
Wednesday: leftover bbq chicken and corn on the cob
Thursday: leftovers (french toast casserole)
Friday: sandwiches and chips
Saturday: eat out? OR omelets :)
Sunday: bbq chicken, baked potatoes, veggie

kind of a simple week...but that's a good thing :) the weather is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL this week, so we'll be playing outside a lot...who wants to spend their time in the kitchen when it's sunny and in the 80s? :)

hope you have a fabulous week! :)