Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hannah :)

because she's been so neglected here... :)
Hannah is still the sweetest little one... :) we call her "bug" or "Bugs" - and Katherine calls her "Hannah Buggers" (which sounds like "Hannah Bugg-ahhs") :) it's cute... :)
she has this big, toothless grin when she smiles... :) still no teeth :) but you can tell she's working on them - lots of drool... :)
her hair is getting the point where it doesn't stick straight up any more... :) she wore a bow to church on Sunday and it stayed in... :) amazing... :)

she's all over the place with her crawling...and she's starting to pull up on various things... she discovered the kitchen floor in the last few days and is curious about feels different, i'm sure... :) she just sits there and "pats" it... :) cute :)

her dark blue eyes...amazing :)

(love the Reeces speaking to us over her shoulder :))

and she has a way about exploring... she's a quiet one as she moves about in her surroundings... she always looks to see if momma's nearby, but she is content to explore... her favorite things right now are the tambourine, the little people who ride in the school bus, and anything her sister is playing with :) (hehehehe)

she is shy... she will warm up to you, but when she first meets anyone, she buries her head into my shoulder and just looks... :)

and when she's happy, she lets out a high pitched scream that, seriously, would rival Mariah Carey, i think...ear piercing! and, one of the many things i love about her...when she's excited, she will do this scream (not the high pitched one)'s not an annoying scream... it reminds me of my dearest Aunt Debbie (who passed away in the late 90s)... she used to laugh like that...with screams in there... :)

Hannah is, without a doubt, a tremendous blessing... :) she's my Bugs! :) and we love her to death!!! :)