Wednesday, August 13, 2008

30+ week check-up update, etc.

Hi All :)
We had another appointment on Monday and wanted to give you the latest... The heartbeat was 156, I didn't lose any weight (woo hoo), and I measured exactly where I should be measuring (with the belly tape). We saw another one of the docs in the practice and liked him a lot. :)
Now, we go every 2 weeks for a month, and then we will have to go each week! Fun times! :)
We started school - no kids, just teacher work days - yesterday. I am generally unmotivated...hehe :) Ry helped a lot - setting up furniture, moving books, hanging posters, etc. since I'm so "limited" for lifting and standing on a ladder... *sigh* I think the room looks pretty presentable...I will have a few more things to finish up, but it shouldn't take long... :)
I'm surely tired at night, that's for sure... Those darn Olympics have me glued to the TV late into the evening, but I hope to be in bed earlier as I become less interested in the events or the Olympics end. :)
As it stands, I have 22 kids in my class; the largest I've ever had. I don't know much about the kids, but I hear good things... I will be eager to meet them at Open House on Monday. :) To make me feel old, I am teaching kids who were born the year I started teaching... I actually have a little boy who was a newborn when I met his oldest brother, who was in my first class. :) WOW! :) I hear this is nothing compared to when you start teaching your students' children or grandchildren... :) The question is: Will I make it THAT long? :)
We're praying for a snow day on August 20th - the first day of school. :) That may not be out of the question considering that the temp. yesterday morning (around 6:30 AM) was a chilly 47ish! CHIILY! :)