Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's not a's a...

SKINK! :) Imagine my surprise this afternoon when going out to the van... :) I was slipping on a pair of crocs that I keep by the door to walk the dogs in the morning... And I see something wiggle under the shoes... :) I see its little blue tail and immediately realize that we have a LIZARD in the HOUSE! :)
While the little Blue Tailed Skink was probably more scared than any Blue Tailed Skink on this side of the equator, I quickly caught him in a little cup and let him out into the garden. :) Definitely a first for me...a little skink in the house!!! :) (No, we're not sure how it got in...but we have have a lot of rain recently - maybe he was just hoping for some dry location?) :)

Farewell, my little lizard friend! Go and run with your other lizard friends! :)