Friday, February 20, 2009

nuthin' much

:) i haven't written in forever... i just don't really have a lot of interesting information to report, i, when i do, i'm just too daggone tired to even sit and write... i'm in that daggone tired condition as i type this, but i'll overcome it for a little while to write a bunch of nothingness... :)
work...kicking my butt... the energy it requires to teach 22 very energetic children is lacking in this momma of an almost 4 month old... i grade a lot, it keeps piling's like you never see the end of the pile... i used to put it off and have grading marathons...but i can't do that now...little one requires too much attention... :) is it june yet??????????
little one...melts my heart every single minute i get to spend with her... the mornings of goodbyes are still not something i even smile about... i hate leaving her for the 7 hours that i do... like i said, is it june yet?? she's doing well with the absolutely rediculous schedule for a baby...up before the sun, eating, getting dressed...and then packed up to head to our angel, mrs. s., who loves her like her own... we got an adorable valentine's day surprise...she was all dressed up in this incredibly cute outfit...little jeans, a "mommy's love bug" shirt, a priceless heart sweater and matching hat...and cute little socks... incredible. i have some cute pictures, but i just haven't posted them yet... mrs. s is just so good to us... :)

but, baby girl is growing and changing daily, it seems... she turns 4 months old on monday...which is hard for me to believe... wasn't i just meeting her for the first time?? she's playing with her hands, doing ab exercises with her legs in the air... we're about to start our first 'food' of cereal...she's giggling and laughing all the time... we love splashing our feet in the bath and kicking whatever is in the way...our very own karate kid... :) she's playing and grasping her toys...and continues to fight sleep like a real champ... but, she's the best ever...and i would do nothing else but be with her if i could... :)

i'm eager for spring to come... while i dream of the unexpected gift of snuggling back to sleep on snow days, we seem to have been cheated... but, fresh air, walks with the babe...birds chirping... it just seems like it's been awhile since spring... :)

the "zzzzzzz's" are fast approaching, so i really need to wrap this up... :) i know, you're thinking, "this wasn't anything worth reading..." :) see...i tried to warn you with my title... :)

have a fabulous weekend...and enjoy every minute doing whatever makes you happy! :)