Sunday, March 1, 2009

passing time...too quickly

say it cannot be... yesterday, i spent the better part of the late morning putting away Baby Girl's clothes that are too small...and i went through hand-me-downs, de-tagged new outfits, and washed the newest sizes. i held up the sweet little fleece sleeper that we brought her home tiny... i can't believe she fit in it a mere 4 months ago... it's only been 4 months! if i put the little ducky sleeper now, i'm not sure it would cover half of her little body! what am i going to do when it has been a year...or 5 years...or high school!!?? god help me!
while i love her at this age, i miss the days of her newborn little body...even waking me up every 2 hours... :) now, she takes a few spoonfulls of rice cereal...she loves to stand on her legs with support...she's grasping at things...jabbers a lot...loves chewing on her hands, and she even found that she could suck on her thumb yesterday... it's so amazing to watch her develop and grow...yet, it's bittersweet, too.... :)
but, in the two trashbags full of adorable girl clothes, rests my hope that another baby girl (or boy, but with some different clothes of course :)) will wear the cute ducky sleeper or the infamous "twinkle" outfit...or the winnie the pooh onesie...things that we hardly even wore...the things that once graced the little body of Katherine... :) but first, let me enjoy every moment with my incredible little beauty! :)