Saturday, March 28, 2009

uneventful :)

it's been awhile since i've blogged... i always have good intentions of writing something fun or interesting that's happened, but usually, i fall asleep or have to tend to baby my thoughts are fleeting! :)
i think we've officially got 46 days left of the school year... i'm eager to be at june 9th... i spend most of my weeks exhausted and playing catch up...wishing for time at home with my most favorite little girl... but, i can feel the end in sight...and that's what's getting me through right now... :) with that being said, our spring break is late this year (since Easter falls in mid-April), so the kids are ready for some time off, too... very chatty, argumentative, and just tired, too... i'm ready to see those big yellow school buses pull away for awhile... :) of course, the passing days moving me toward the end of the year mean that i am going to be making a pretty important and serious decision about returning next year or taking some time off to be a momma... i plan on doing some number crunching to see that it will work out, but i'm leaning more toward the being a momma idea...
while i'm totally fine with this being a momma thing, it's so scary to break from the "norm" and branch out to another endeavor... i have a number of ideas for some income...but it takes courage to leave a job that you really enjoy knowing that you're going to fill your heart and soul... :) i will be praying a lot about this decision in the coming weeks...
baby K is doing wonderfully... she's growing and is more entertaining each day... :) she's rolled over in the last several weeks...she loves grabbing at her feet...she giggles and smiles all the time... :) i love her babbling and talking...she gets so serious and passionate about talking. :) i love her little furrowing brow as she shows her serious nature...and of course, in the next moment, she flashes that gorgeous toothless grin...
we gave up on cereal after giving it the good ol' college try for about a month. we were having issues with her "staying regular," she'd fuss non-stop with us when we'd feed her, and she never really seemed to get the hang of keeping the cereal in her mouth... so, after some excellent advice from some special ladies in my life, i decided to stick to my gut feeling and take some time off... we'll revisit it again in the coming weeks. :) she continues to grow and thrive...and she's doing so well... :) we're still battling with her refusal to nap at the sitter's during the week...and that makes for some grueling evenings of crying and absolute exhaustion, but we're managing. :) generally, she naps all evening, eats, has a bath, and heads back into her slumber! we won't talk about what happens for the hour or so BEFORE she finally gives up and falls asleep in the afternoons... :)
she's loving her toys - rattles, blocks, her smurf, her dolly, and her cute lamb. :) i can't believe that she just turned 5 months this past monday... time is flying...
i'm eager to get outside with her more... we took a long walk last weekend since it was so nice...she loves the fresh air and the new sights... :) of course, it would be nice if it would stop raining so we could go out more... :) but, it is spring! :)
we bought a white noise machine a little over a month ago, and it has been wonderful for her sleeping... we've never really had a problem with her sleeping through the night or anything (she's done that since she was only a few weeks old), but she does tend to wake a lot throughout the night for no real reason...and, when your alarm goes off at 5:30 in the morning and you have to function with 22 kids at school, after a few nights of those multiple wake ups, i pay the price... :) anyway, a sweet parent of a student in my class (and a co-worker!) mentioned that her two kids both slept with a white noise machine and they sleep like champs... :) i happen to agree - it has been wonderful...and i like sleeping with it, too! :)
my last confession here...buying baby clothes is a lot of fun and addicting...i see sooooooo many cute things out there and i can't help myself, oftentimes... :) my mom has the bug, needless to say, baby K will be well dressed for the many months to come! :) i keep telling ry to not let me buy anything, but he just gently reminds me that i asked him to tell me not to buy anything, and we put the outfit(s) in the cart... :) i was thrifty today and went to a local consignment sale at a church nearby... i got 18 high end items (gap, gymboree, janie&jack, oshkosh, ralph lauren) for $100...the clothes range in sizes for now through 3 years of age... :) fun times! :)
and, can i just say that my most favorite kid's show right now is Handy Manny? :) he's so daggone cute...and the tools...adorable. :) we watch at 7 before we have to leave for school...and i spend the day whistling or humming the songs in my head... :)
that's all for now... :) i know it's a boring post... :) but, i got tired of seeing those "100 questions" on the blog and wanted to write something else... :)
i hope i'll have something more newsworthy to post another time! :) until then, be well! :)