Saturday, June 12, 2010

in da' hood...

i'm not a fashionable hat wearer... in fact, i think i look really dumb in a hat. i can remember feeling this way when i was a kid playing softball... i dreaded seeing pictures of me in my team hat... :) ugh!

opinionated me here... i don't like hats for daily wear (speaking as a wife) for Ry, but he does wear them when he hasn't showered and has to go outside...or if he's mowing or something. but i don't like the way they make Ry's hair look when he takes it off...and i really don't like the sweaty smell of a hot head on my husband...ICK!

opinions aside, i'm glad to report that K seems to have gotten the "good hat head" gene from her dad. :) (she doesn't look dumb in a hat like her mom :)) i love to see her in one of Ry's hats...she puts it on backwards...and walks around... :) a cool chick... :)

while she lives smack dab in the middle of the country, should she ever go to the city, i know she'll fit in well in da' hood! :)