Friday, June 11, 2010


i have always wondered with my sweet girl's little toes would look like if i painted them... :) for a long time, i refrained from painting them because i didn't want to "push" growing up, and i wanted her to stay "safe" when she was still in the stage of putting her feet in her mouth...
last friday, we were met with some free time, and i decided it was time. :) we were getting ready to go out and play in the baby pool, and every girl likes for their toes to look pretty! :)
and i have a love affair with her feet... they are the most kissable and soft little feet in the world... :)
so, in a moment of "less active" behavior, we sat and i painted her toes... :) quick and speedy is the name of the game there... :)
i loved her reaction...walking around looking at her toes... :) stopping to touch her new pink nails... :)
i know i'm a little partial, but i'm pretty sure these are the cutest little piggies i've ever seen :)

happy summer! :)


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I'm still very impressed that she sat still long enough for you to do it :) Those are very cute...I think she has cute little "block" feet like Luke...only in the girl sense :)