Thursday, December 9, 2010


we have interesting meal times here... mainly because my sweet daughter is a very picky eater...
the "every day" things she will eat are:
unlimited fruits
any crackers
cheese (deli sliced american and string cheese-mozzarella)
yogurt (mostly with a straw)
sweet potatoes (on occassion)
chips (mainly tortilla)
peanut butter (on crackers, which she will scrape off and eat... she won't eat it on the cracker)
ice cream

the main coarse meals consist of:
spaghetti, but only spaghetti, not other shaped pasta
Kraft three cheese mac n cheese
french toast

i think that's the menu...
so we work, really hard, to encourage K to eat... usually, she will hen pick at what's on her's rare for her to eat a "good meal," but when she does, we usually try to reward her with dessert... (i've read not to deny children of dessert, regardless if they eat their dinner or not...i'm not sure where i stand on this because i don't understand the "thought" behind it, yet. but i admit that i haven't gotten into the practice of giving K dessert when she doesn't eat her dinner...)

tonight, K had some cheese, spaghetti, applesauce, and some honeydew...
she ate a pretty good meal, so i asked her what she wanted for dessert...a cookie, some pudding, ice cream, etc. she quickly replied that she wanted some candy...

so, i opened up a new bag of holiday M&Ms - dark chocolate - and she loved the red and green candies that we put on her little paper towel...
she's had M&Ms before after Halloween...from her small stash of candy... but she didn't remember what they were...
as she was starting to enjoy her dessert reward, we had this brief conversation...

me: mmmm, are they good?
K: mmmmm, candy....mmmmm... (she picks up 2 or 3 to put in each hand)
me: what colors are they, do you know?
K: (drooling a bit as she talks) rwed and geeen
me: what are the candies called?

she looks down at the few on her paper towel, looks in her hand, and promptly replies, "beans!"

i laughed out loud and told her they were M&Ms...
my poor daughter... :)


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Oh, you know your mealtime stories do hit close to home for us :) And, Luke recently did discover that he liked M&M's as well....Sooooo, if they're ever together, they can eat M&M's for dessert after their poor meals of pickiness.