Monday, January 17, 2011

meals for 1.17.11 through 1.23.11

the goal for the week is a MINIMAL grocery list :) and, we want to have some yummy eats, too. quite honestly, i'm almost to the point where having cereal for dinner sounds good. :) hehe :) and, well, that will probably be happening sooner than later... :)

for this week, we will be eating well and the grocery list is pretty short... :) 16 items so far, plus a few other goods, too, i'm sure... :)

here is what's going to be on our plates this week... :)

Monday: Ry's off for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday :) (yay!)
lunch: eating out between doctor's appointments (a special & rare treat :))

dinner: egg sandwiches - a favorite simple meal from my dad :) -- toast 2 pieces of bread (Sunbeam is the best :)) and butter them. scramble an egg, put it on your bread with a piece of American cheese on top... simply yummy :)

Tuesday: skillet lasagna

Wednesday: leftover homemade pizza

Thursday: leftover skillet lasagna

Friday: grill out - hot dogs and mac n cheese

Saturday: leftovers

Sunday: creamed chicken over noodles

hope you all have a great week with food that warms your belly! :) ENJOY!