Thursday, December 15, 2011

first look {Christmas tree}

katherine has loved christmas trees from the very beginning... last year, i got a great deal on a little tree, so i grabbed it and took it home for her bedroom... :) she loves her tree... :)
here are our first pictures of the little tree... :)

here K is asking, "what color are deeees yites?" :) {she knows her colors...she just likes to quiz us}

the rest of the pictures are of Hannah's first look at a Christmas tree... :) i love her serious face...and her attempt to touch it... :) it took 4 or 5 times for her to actually work up the courage to touch the little green tree... she'd reach out and, at the last second, pull her little fingers away to safety... :)
Christmas is really going to be a lot of fun this year... :)

and while the tree and lights are beautiful and mesmorizing, don't worry...we're still emphasizing the real reason for the season... :)