Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sweet in december

for December, the weather has been absolutely beautiful... while the mornings are cold, we've had great days of warming temps and sunny sunshine. :) and, well, my sweet K loves her outside time... and, quite honestly, in the "3 year old world," it helps soothe her soul and keep this momma a little bit more sane... fresh air is the answer to keeping tantrums at bay and smiles on faces... :)

so, until some of that pretty white stuff graces our day, i will squeeze in as much time with my sweet kids and prowling pooch in the green grass :)

sweet Beezer, who is an elderly guy now, hanging out with us... he always comes out with us, does his business, sniffs around for several minutes, and then finds a nice spot to sun himself... here, he's also "kitty" hunting... he's watching for one of the five wild kitties to come running by so he can re-enter his younger years of chasing :)

my girls, swinging together, for the first time :) gosh i love them... and yes, Katherine wouldn't look at the camera.... :) but i love how Hannah is watchin' her big sis on her swing :)

my beautiful, spirited, stubborn, and sweet Katherine :) she's on top of her slide, waiting to go down... :)

my sweet baby girl, swingin' on the kiddie swing for her first time :) she spent 45 minutes loving the slow motion of a swaying swing while watching everything going on around her... :)