Monday, March 19, 2012


we have a few stray cats that live around our house...  they're pretty nice cats for being feral, but we don't touch them...  we do feed them (thanks, Mom!) and so, i guess you know they are always hanging around now (we're going on the third summer)... 
the cats, affectionately called "Baby Cat," "Baby Cat Twin", and "Momma Cat Twin" (we're so official around here), sun themselves on our deck and spend most of the day hanging out up there...  we're not out on the deck often, so it doesn't really bother us...
Hannah, as are most 2nd born, tends to be more reserved...  she doesn't say a whole lot yet...  but, she loves doing from the living room to the kitchen to look outside... 
last week, she goes to the sliding door, plasters herself against the screen, and says, "Mao...." 
she's talkin' to the cats :) 
it's so stinkin' cute... :)