Monday, March 12, 2012

it's been a long, long time/meals for the week 3.10.12 through 3.17.12

well, it's been forever...  life seems to be speeding by at lightning speed...  i have every intention of getting something fun up on here, but the attempts are fleeting on my "to do" list... 
we've been so busy...  in the last few weeks, we've had both families here, a little party celebrating Hannah's first birthday, lots of sneezing, coughing, and the blowing of noses (for at least 2 of us), time outside, time with friends, laundry, cooking, 2 TVs made their way to appliance heaven, 2 TVs purchased, taxes done, dog shaving, freak 8 inch snows that are gone in a day, snowman making, snowball fights, snow angels, working, judging of a talent show...  seriously, time just speeds along with committments and needs knocking at a pretty constant pace... 
and, this week isn't going to be much better...  we have things going on almost every day this week...and we're also going to try to meet up with the fabulous Carrie Coleman to get Hannah's 1 year pictures taken...  she's home on spring break so we need to grab her talent and sweetness while we can.... :)
the weather is getting so warm... in the 70s to almost 80 this week...  i don't know whether to be happy that the weather is so beautiful or if i should be sad because that means our snow is probably finished for the year...  Katherine LOVES the snow, and it's so fun to hear her joy and contageous giggles as she's out in that wonderful white stuff... :) 
but anyway, i will attempt to get back into some normal posts...  i have one ready to soon as i can dump the pictures from the last 3 months onto Picasa so that i can put the last picture into the post i have written...yes, folks, i'm really that far behind on pictures... :)  (are you sensing a trend here?  :))

so, to get back into a routine, i'll begin with the meal plan for the week... :)  that seems like a good start, don't you think? :)

Saturday:  belated birthday celebrating w/ the Strongs - took mac n cheese and tater tots :) Sunday:  cheeseburger soup (devine! :)  YUM!)
Monday:  spaghetti and meatballs

Tuesday: french toast casserole with apples
Wednesday:  leftovers (soup and spaghetti)
Thursday: leftovers (french toast casserole)
Friday:  homemade pizza
Saturday: leftovers

so, there ya go... :)  enjoy your week...  Happy St. Patrick's Day on Saturday...make sure you wear your green! :)  :)