Wednesday, September 12, 2012

meals for the week 9.10.12 through 9.16.12

here's what we're enjoying (or enjoyed :)) for meals this week :)

monday: leftover macaroni soup and grilled cheese
tuesday: dinner out with the Davis family - mexican :)
wednesday: hot dogs, mac n cheese, veggie
thursday: spaghetti and meatballs, salad, and italian bread
friday: homemade pizza
saturday: meatball sandwiches
sunday: crockpot something or other - maybe potato soup... :)

here are some shots from when we were still having warm, summer days...  we're still having summer, but the temperatures have cooled a bit, and we're not spending time playing in the pool or sprinkler right now :)  but, we haven't put the water stuff away....i have a feeling we're not finished with warmish weather yet :)

Hannah is not a water baby (yet), especially compared to Katherine...  she did come a long way from standing at the sprinkler with a leaf, just reaching in enough for the leaf to get wet.  that was early this summer...  :)  she is more mechanical and likes trying to take the sprinkler apart, spraying something with the hose or something like that.... :)  here, she probably sees a car coming...the town watch, without a doubt :)

 Katherine, of course, would probably try to become one with the water if she could...  she would play in a pool for hours... :)  while this picture looks a little pixelated, the joy on her face here says it all... :)  and, her sweet ears... :)  i love them :)