Tuesday, September 18, 2012

weekly musings and meals for the week 9.17.12 to 9.23.12

it hit me that this is the last "week" of summer, at least as far as the calendar/earth's revolution says...  that's really hard for me to believe....  i can't say that i'm sad, though...i LOVE the fall...the crisp air, the colors, pumpkins, holidays....it's a wonderful time of year... :) 

Bugs helping with some mum planting :)

of course, fall means that our meals change a little, too...  i could live off of soup, i think :)  and fall means lots of soups for us... :) 
i'm a little sad, however, to say goodbye to our summer...  that little princess pool leaning against our maple tree in the front yard needs to be cleaned a bit and then put away for the cooler weather...and the princess swimmy rings....  the water table...  my kids have really enjoyed playing with water (well, Bugs has taken a little longer to appreciate the wet stuff)....  summer will be here before we know it again...so i will be thankful for the change of seasons :)
 Lil Sis listening to "The Shy Kitten" :) Big Sis is totally
ad-libbing the whole story, which was sprinkled with LOTS of
princess movie innuendo :)

our meals will be a bit simple this week... :)  and, as the "head cook," i'm fine with that :)  and i'm liking the "fallish" touch, too... :) 

Monday: lots of a little bit of leftovers - meatballs, salad, mac n cheese, etc. (basically, empty the fridge of leftovers!)
Tuesday: open face pork tenderloin sandwiches, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggie
Wednesday:  church supper :)  (pork BBQ and the fixins)
Thursday:  Outback potato soup (new recipe :))
Friday: raviolis
Saturday: grill out
Sunday: tacos

hope you a FABULOUS week! :)  enjoy yourselves and cherish moments...especially the little ones :) 

Love the sister love :) makes my heart smile...a lot