Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Waiting Game... :)

Nothing earth-shattering to report from the land of waiting... :) hehe :)
I had my 39 and 3 day check yesterday... I was "almost" at 2 cm dilation...lost 4 lbs....and had a higher blood pressure. Since I am not experiencing any head aches, swelling, or change in vision, they attributed the higher blood pressure to the fact that maybe it is a sign that "things are starting to happen." Dr. Owens thought that maybe something could start in about 36 hours...but probably for sure by the weekend... If nothing happens, we're going back for another appointment on Tues. the 21st...and they probably won't think about inducing me until the 24th or the 27th... Let's hope that it will not come to that... :)
Little R is doing A LOT of moving these days... It's like having a karate class going on in my upper stomach... Hopefully he/she is trying to push his/her way down to make my water break or something! :) hehe :) Ry enjoys the free show that can be viewed through any t-shirt!
I think we'll go on a nice walk this evening...once it cools off a bit (nearly 90 here today!)...
I was very crampy and achy yesterday...not bad at all today...cleaned the bathroom, decided to make some jello salad, did a load of wash consisting mostly of baby blankets/clothes, walked the dogs...let's see what else I can do... :)
I will keep everyone updated...when there is something to update... :)