Monday, October 20, 2008

The Waiting Game

Well, we've officially gone past the due date - 4 days past...and now we're playing a waiting game here at Chez Rakow. Poor Ry still has to go to work each day wondering if his cell phone will vibrate with a phone call from home saying something is happening. This waiting, of course, is after getting the surprised looks of his fellow teachers as he comes in to work at 8 AM, still baby-free... I'm sure he enjoys having "we want a baby!" being shouted in the halls! :) I still sleep a choppy 4 hours a night, maybe, if I'm lucky - and I can't fall asleep at a decent time... Then, the hips...I feel like a pig at a Hawaiian luau fire that has to be turned every hour... The hips just aren't happy any more... :)

I really thought that we'd have a baby by now...but I know it's not about my timing... Little R will get here when he/she is ready. :) I'm thinking that it was a little silly to start my leave from work on Oct. 13th... While being off has been restful and nice, right now, I just don't see the benefit of being at home, bored, each day... :) I know, I will cherish these days in a short time, but seems unwise.

I'm becoming Suzie Homemaker... Last night, at midnight, I was cleaning the little burner "catchers" on the stove top...with the Brillo pad and all...seriously scrubbing...who cares that it was midnight??!! I am actually PLANNING meals for Ry for dinner...we don't have the usual, "What do you want to eat?" conversation like we did when we both were working. Tonight, after making dinner, I baked 20 muffins and 2 loaves of banana bread... Just call me Paula Deen... :) (Speaking of, I used her recipe...very tasty, I might add!) I do wash regularly, not just on the our laundry baskets are rarely full! The dogs and I take a few walks a day saving the long one for the evening when Ry gets home... Now, if I could just bend and comfortably weed the gardens...and plant some pansies...I'd be set! :) I know I could totally be a stay at home mom and be content... :) But, the mortgage calls do the other bills... :) And, well, you kind of have to have a KID to say you're a stay at home mom...unless you call me a mom to our hairy children, which I guess I am.... :)
Our human baby is still baking, apparently... :)
We have our LAST (hopefully) OBGYN appt. tomorrow afternoon... I don't know what all they will discuss...but I hope that dilation, effacement, and stations have changed... I don't really feel that much pressure or cramping, but I do feel it pretty regularly, so I will be interested to see if the pressure and cramping are doing anything "down south." They'll discuss induction, too...I'm sure... I'm shooting for Friday instead of Monday...or earlier, if they suggest it! :) We'll see... I'm not going in with a prescribed idea...I am not horribly uncomfortable...I just want to see this little person...and meet him/her... :) I walk by the baby's room here and just gaze in there thinking, "Will you ever have a baby in there?" Soon...I know...PATIENCE...I know... I'm being trained and prepared... :)
More tomorrow...after the doctor's appointment... :) :)