Thursday, October 9, 2008

Week 38+...No Changes :)

Hello All! :)
Well, there's nothing to report from the land of Oz here... :) Tuesday's appointment showed no progress...again, not a problem with this girl! :) hehe :) The heartbeat was in the 140s this time...which is normal...and that was about it! :) The exam wasn't too comfortable this time...but I survived... :) I was a little crampy for several hours...and was hoping and praying that nothing was getting started just yet... :) It all passed... :)

Had an interesting experience on Monday... I was walking the kids out to recess and wasn't paying attention to where I was walking (I was talking to the kids). Where the sidewalk meets the grass was just a little uneven...and well, I "became one" with the grass! :) hehe :) I went down...knees and belly flop... I have an ongoing issue with my ankle anyway - I broke it (unknowingly) back in college and hobbled around on it for awhile...messed up the muscles and stuff... So, of course, that's what sent me to meet the grass in such a non-graceful fashion... I had a nice big swollen lump on my ankle...still have it but I wrap my ankle and that takes care of support and whatnot for the day. Now it's lumpy and bruised... :) I skinned my other knee up pretty nicely and bruised it...hurt my was a fun time... :) The kids all gasped... They asked if I was OK or which I replied, "It's OK...I'm OK...the only thing that's really hurt is just my pride!" hehe :) How embarrassing!

My last day at work is tomorrow...until Jan. 5th, 2009. That sounds like a long time... :) I will have to go in for a few things, without a doubt...but it will be nice to be away for awhile while getting used to this new job I'll have...mother... Woah buddy...
I will miss my fellow 3rd grade teachers and the people I work with...I always hate not being able to see them regularly... When I think about it, it just makes me realize how wonderful and blessed I am to have a job where I really do love the people I work with... I will be visiting often... :)

On ANOTHER note...we have discovered a pretty serious issue with our plumbing... Our water bill has increased steadily for the last several months...but we thought it was mainly due to us doing more wash, etc. with the impending arrival of the baby, etc. It didn't make a lot of sense to me...but I just went on from there and paid the bill. THIS month, our bill is $80...which made me question what in the world is going on... Our bill has pretty much quadrupled... We did some troubleshooting and found that we have a leak in the line running to the house...underground... Our wonderful plumber came out and did some investigating... It looks like the water line probably runs under our driveway (sigh)...which is paved (sigh again...). We'll see what will come of this challenge... :) Of course, this month will be when we also get our new doors from Pella... *cha ching* I have faith it will all be OK... :) It's just another thing to have added to the many life experiences we're about to have... :)


Well, I will wrap this up... :) I hope you are all doing well... :) I will be in touch as the time passes... :)