Sunday, December 20, 2009


that's how many inches of snow we have laying on every inch of the outdoors right now in beautiful VA... it started snowing at 4:30 PM on Friday and ended sometime Saturday's beautiful! :) but we'll be staying put for the next few days, without a doubt... :)

we took K "sledding" in the laundry basket...we copied some friends of ours who posted pictures on facebook as they took their little boy in the snow! :) it worked perfectly, though...and K really seemed to enjoy it... we got some great shots.... :)

the dogs enjoyed the snow for about 10 minutes...until their paws got caked with snow. we tried socks, but they didn't stay on for long! :) as far as going outside for business, both struggled a bit...but we dug out quite an area for took lots of encouragement, but they finally went. we're glad that a few crazies decided to try to drive their cars in the 2+ ft. of snow... they made rivets in the snow that we could walk on for a short distance to get "things moving" for the dogs... :)

and now...the digging out continues... we shoveled for ~4 hours today and we're still not to the end of our driveway... we have to shovel in layers - top, middle, bottom...3+ shovels before we get to the ground... incredible... and the saddest thing is that we have a snow blower...but after 1+ hours of trying to get it up and running on Thurs. night, i gave up (it's been sitting in the shed for a few years...i think the fuel lines have gummed up b/c we left fuel in there - dumb, i know...) hopefully we will finish up tomorrow (if we can move), but getting out depends upon whether anyone from dept. of transportation comes to plow... :) they have to be seriously overworked right now...they're not used to this sort of weather, i'm sure... but, i don't really mind being stuck at home... :) there's enough here to do and i have two sweeties & two hairy beasts to keep me company. :)

enjoy our pictures...i am trying a new format... :) hopefully they won't be super small! :)

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