Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a piggy? christmas

well, our Christmas was not too bad...we were blessed with our families and many wonderful gifts... but, k was sick the entire time...i think she may have had H1N1 or maybe just the flu (whatever the difference is...)... she had symptoms of something or other before we left VA...sneezing, a cough, a low-grade fever... i had toyed with taking her to the doctor before we left, but she seemed a little better on Wednesday...so i took that as the "end" of whatever she had... so we packed up the van to head north...
the trip to PA wasn't all that fun...she cried after about an hour in the carseat...not a happy camper. she may have slept for a total of 45 minutes the entire trip... we had to stop a few times to just "get out" and look around at different things to quiet her crying... but, we finally made it...and the symptoms of whatever K magnified a few hours after we got to my parents' house... the cough got really bad, accompanied by a runny nose, and her throat had to be raw from all of her coughing (just guessing). she was very congested, and her fever was around 101.5 with Tylenol...and then we had a bout with diarrhea...it was awful... the nights...they were long (or maybe short?)... the first night, she cried from 12 midnight until after 1:45...nothing i did made her happy...she didn't want to be held, she didn't want to be left alone, etc. - she would just crawl on me and try to crawl up my torso...it was so sad... the next few nights, she did the same thing, but for not as long... she wouldn't nap or sleep in her pack n play...but we made it... she was a trooper...she managed to open some presents...and that was fun for her for a little bit... she seemed to feel much better by Saturday night...
hopefully, next year, she will feel better so we can REALLY enjoy our time with her at Christmas and she can, too! :) here are a few pictures from our PA Christmas to enjoy... DE will come later when the pictures are loaded... :)

the fastination with presents this year was the wrapping paper...after she'd tear off a piece, she'd just play with the paper and forget the present :)

she put her pants around her neck like a scarf...she does this with any piece of clothing she gets :)

more presents :)

opening a present with grandma and her smile looking on... :)