Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday randoms...

i have a lot on my mind but don't know how to put it all down without it seeming rediculous... :) so i will just write a few things.... :)

~K is finally walking almost "full-time" right now... she's so cute...still a little unsteady, but we're excited to see her moving in new ways... i know this will bring a whole NEW adventure for us... :)
~We're seeing more of a temper from K...probably frustration from not being able to communicate everything that's going on in her mind... We see it at various mealtimes, when changing diapers, getting dressed/undressed, and when playing... right now, we just kind of laugh after trying to redirect her... :)
~K's still dancing her heart out... i love to watch her bounce, twist, and clap... :) sights that do your heart good... :)
~K has LOTS of new toys that are keeping her entertained...most of the time... i love having a tea party with her (she actually brought me a cup from her tea set yesterday for me to "drink" - and she quickly reciprocates when you give her the cup cute)... she also enjoys "placing" figures on her toys -nothing like building a Little People "wall" :) hehe :)
~K has weened herself from nursing... she was not at all interesting in nursing when she was sick...and hasn't regained the desire. i knew it was coming soon b/c she was so uninterested in nursing... when she turned one, i dropped to 2 times a day without any problem... she was very "quick" with nursing during those remaining times....if she nursed for 5 minutes, it was a long time... i don't know how i feel about it...part of me misses that closeness...but i also know that it's natural for it to end... :) i guess i should be glad that she's not going around, crying, throwing herself down, and trying to expose her not so svelt mother to try and nurse!! :)
so, we now rock in the rocking chair each evening...and that's sweet time with i will take the new "normal" with a smile and a warm heart... :) i love it...

~we still have snow covering most of our ground... :) the 27 inches has "stuck around" and with the temperatures, i don't know that it will be leaving anytime soon... :) it looks pretty...and i guess i don't really mind it that much! :) hehe :)
~the birds have been so interesting to watch in the last few days since we've been home... i don't know if they're struggling to find food with the ground being snow covered, etc., but i've set up the feeder again... the cardinals against the white background - simply breathtaking!

~my heart is worried...and i'm trying to be as positive as mom battled a bout with tonsil cancer beginning in Aug. of 2007... treatment was very challenging and took almost all of the life out of her...but in the last year, she's worked so hard to pretty much return to normal... :)
one of the side effects from her radiation treatments is dental issues... she had a root canal a few months ago to deal with a tooth that was cracked... it didn't heal (not abnormal b/c of the radition) but no one did anything about it b/c it wasn't causing her any trouble or pain... then, a few weeks ago, she complained of a "bristly" feeling in her mouth...along her gums... apparently, in the area where the root canal was performed, her jaw bone is now exposed... it's an area of about 2 inches... now, i believe it's related to the root canal...but you never know...
she's seeing a surgical dentist today to get an opinion from him...and she sees her Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) tomorrow... i'm praying that it's not at all related to the evil "c" word...and that it's easily treatable... :) i'll keep you updated...

that's enough for now... :) hope everyone is enjoying the new seems so incredible to think we're already here! :)

be well! :)


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Hi! My name is Sarah, and you had left a comment on my blog about Navajo Soup! I'll try to answer your questions. 1) I don't drain the corn or beans or anything for this soup. It's an extra step, and the soup's always turned out thick enough -- especially with frito's. 2) I've not tried it with Velveeta, but I bet it would work. They're both processed. They're both yummy cheesy! I hope you liked the soup. It's a favorite here!