Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meals for 1.3.10 to 1.10.10

(gosh it's hard to type '10' for the year... :))

sunday: Beef & Peas w/ rice - Ry makes dinner :)
monday: Navajo soup
tuesday: leftovers - stuffed shells (from friday 1/1/10), soup, beef & peas
wednesday: cream of tomato soup & grilled cheese (i will post recipe if you're interested - just send me a message :))
thursday: pancakes, turkey sausage/bacon, and fruit salad
friday: breaded chicken w/ macaroni & cheese & veggies
saturday & sunday: i'm sure we'll eat out, cheaply, on one of these days... and we'll probably have leftovers or i'll make the "bigger meal" - that's still to be figured out! :)

what about breakfast and lunch??!
we're usually on our own for breakfast...except on the weekends. i usually make something yummy - french toast, egg & cheese sandwich, omlettes, etc.
for lunch, K and i have various things for lunch that we find around the house (cheese sandwich, yogurt, etc.)
and dessert?
we don't usually have dessert, either... :) i know, we're party poopers, aren't we!? hehe :)

happy eating! :)


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Cool! I'm glad you're "meal planning" as well...Perhaps I'll gain some new ideas (it's Sarah again here, by the way)...Anyways, I hope you don't mind, but I'm adding your blog to the "blogs I follow." That way, I see when you update :)