Monday, January 25, 2010

meals for 1.24.10 to 1.30.10

i don't really feel like planning this week for meals... i don't know why... :) probably just in one of those "i don't care what we eat" funks that i get into every once in awhile... :) maybe it's because i don't want to go to the grocery store (i'd rather just send my dear husband :))... :) we have enough in the house to pick at... :) but, i will go with this for now... :) ry stopped at the store tonight to pick up a few things that we'd need to get through the week. :)

so i hereby call this week........leftovers week... :)

S: turkey burgers (used toasted whole wheat English muffins - very good!), mac n cheese (with a secret ingredient of pureed cauliflower - i'm desperately trying to get some veggies into K's diet - but she refused it), french fries w/ provolone cheese

*dessert: cookie bars (choc. chip cookie dough) made with mostly whole wheat flour - not bad! :)

M: pizza from Papa Johns (Ry had a Dr's appt. in town...his hankering :))

*dessert: ice cream...we never have dessert - but here's for two nights in a row! :)

T: leftover veggie soup

W: leftovers again, probably - spaghetti, soup, pizza

Th: macaroni soup

F: chicken (breaded with honey mustard and French's fried onions), potatoes

S: we may eat out - but if not, yep, you guessed it - leftovers