Wednesday, October 20, 2010

happenings and meal plan for 10.18.10 to 10.24.10

things are crazy this week... i am going to need to remind myself to take the time to ENJOY moments... mostly my sweet Katherine's 2nd *gasp* birthday... my baby turns 2 on seems impossible, but it's true... and in the words of my friend, Carey, who has reflected on her three little ones' would be nice if things could slow down just a little bit... i feel that way with K... woah nellie!

~i have to get some pictures downloaded and posted... i really have intentions of it all the time but never feel like i have time... :(

~we had K's 2 yr pictures taken on Monday afternoon... can't WAIT to see the magic that Jessica works... :)

~K's birthday is on Saturday... grandparents will be here...and it just happens to be a birthday season... my mom celebrated her birthday on Sunday and my mother in law will celebrate her birthday on Thursday... we'll be having Tres Leche Cake to celebrate their special birthdays... YUM! :) (i made this cake last year for MY birthday...heaven in disquise of a cake, no lie...WOW!)... then, for K's birthday, we'll be caking it up again...strawberry cupcakes and cake... can't wait for THAT! (and it will be better than last year's DISASTER of a load cake...ICK!)

~i started watching Thomas and his new little sister, Tenley, 2 weeks ago... we're getting the hang of things with an 8 week old and 2 two-year olds... some days are better than others... :) it's been great for Katherine to have her pal back....but it's also "training" K for life to come in a few short months...

~oh yah, speaking of...had our ultrasound last's a GIRL! a little sister for Katherine... :) i'm so excited for her... :) a gift for years to come ('cept for maybe during those hairy teenage years!) :)

~loving the fall weather...we have bouts of warmth and then some chillier days... :) lots of leaves are changing, mums are in full color...pumpkins! :) yay! :)

~i have a paper due on Sunday for my class; not a good week to have a paper due! :( i'm sure it will be finished, but i'm sure it will be difficult with the crazy schedule... not looking forward to squeezing that in...

~it's lunchtime here, so i better get myself ready so the kids can eat before i lose my window! :)

speaking of are the meals for the week... even though my MIL will be here, i tried to plan a little... :) and a special "thanks" to Sarah for inspiring the first meal choice of the week! :)

Monday: homemade chicken and noodles and mashed potatoes (they were DIVINE!) and homemade apple pie (yes, i spent a lot of time in the kitchen on Monday...)

Tuesday: english muffin pizzas

Wednesday: lasagna

Thursday: CiCi's pizza (gotta quench that hunger for mac n cheese pizza for the best sis-in-law in the world! :))

Friday: out to eat with the grandparents and cake, of course! :) (Happy Birthday, Gamma R and Bebot K :) )

Saturday: out to eat with the grandparents again, i'm sure :) and cake :) (Happy Birthday, Katherine! :) )

Sunday: who wants to eat?! we've probably gained 5 pounds in the last 2 or 3 days... :) anyhoo, we'll probably do leftovers... :) if we don't have leftovers, i'm sure we'll come up with something :) oh, and cake! :) hehehe :)


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes -- that's always a GREAT meal!