Monday, October 4, 2010

meals for 10.4.10 through 10.10.10 (<---hehe :))

well, it's that time think about food...
i'm starting back "to work" this week with my little tikes... Thomas (2 yrs.) and his new little sister, Tenley (8 weeks), will be joining us on Wednesday... we're excited to get back into the swing of life with our friends :)
but, i also know that, for the next few weeks, i'm bound to be tired and things may be a little hairy... :) and, who wants to slave in a kitchen when you just want to sit down and go to sleep?! :)
taking this new schedule into account, i tried to plan better because, basically, i want leftovers more often and don't want to spend an hour in the kitchen later in the week getting food together... :) and with cooler weather, i think our bodies are craving warm comfort foods... :) yay! :)

so, here's what we'll be munchin' on this week... :)

Monday: macaroni soup and grilled cheese

Tuesday: sloppy joes (Pioneer Woman) & mac n cheese
(if you have never had Pioneer Woman's sloppy joes, make them... you will LOVE them! :) it takes a little more time than opening up a can of Manwich, but it's sooooooo worth it!)

Wednesday: leftovers :)

Thursday: Morning Star buffalo wings & cheesy bowties

Friday: leftovers :)

Saturday: scrounge around w/ leftovers or eat out

Sunday: chicken hot dish (which will make leftovers for next week! :))

wishing you a wonderful week with your family and friends and lots of good eats, too! :)